Event Coverage: Mega Speed Part 4


I’ll be concluding the 2012 Mega Speed coverage today with photos of the Imports, Euros, and Exotics along with a few of the exhibitors booths that were in the back hall of the International center.

This post is a little tail heavy clocking in at about 50 or so photos so if you are on your phone maybe save this for when you can grab some wifi.

SLC Magazine

Carlos and his recently started magazine had a booth at Mega Speed promoting both their print product and their recent partnership with DMCC for 20102, being right near the main stage they had a good view for all the action going on there too.

That's Andrew's Genesis behind the table there in it's SEMA wrap
That is issue one on top (pretty sure) and the latest behind it
Brain's (of Elevated) EK was also in the SLC Booth


AMF had a booth setup pumping music for most of the time I was there, between that and the main stage this hall was LOUD.

AMF models on day 2 of their 3 day marathon
MT Motorsport / AMF project?

Factory Tire

The owner of Factory Tire seemed pretty happy to see me so I took a few pictures of the vehicles he had on display.

He's particularly fond of his plate
While I was taking pics of his lambo I noticed this craziness going on around the corner...
Came back later and this model was posing, this was the best angle I could get *kanye shrug*
I think they have a show coming up late April...


When I went to the shop last Peter didn’t mention anything about attending this show so it was a surprise to find his cars directly behind The Montbomb.

The mild weather allowed both Kevin and Peter a chance to bring their cars out a little earlier this year
I need to take a trip back to the shop soon actually...

Sic Ryde

Sic had his usual diverse line up of personal cars and friends cars at Mega Speed.

Thanks again for helping run another contest this year Sic.

Sic's Porsche which could get real crazy soon
The wild Corrado
Yudi reppin' Sic Ryde with both of his wheels (Leon Hardiritt and LMs), which will he run this season? ETU
Not sure if Kathrine was actually included on the official roster for Mega Speed but she was in attendance in the front hall

Punkin Mini

Last year there was a whole pile of Mini’s this year I could only find one. I wonder what happened?

I'm sure Ollie wouldn't mind this
Still have not watched the sketch this is from..

Fiat Abarth 500

The attention to detail put into this build was just incredible, and very much on par to the cars that were in the main hall. The detail that really caught my eye (in addition to how well this car rocks 12″ wheels) was the stripe that ran all the way around the vehicle including underneath the car.


You can see the stripe under the car on the front mirror
A keen eye will also notice the stripe on the cluster and roof
Immaculate engine bay of course


Too Fast shop car got a makeover, looks much better than last year
Paul's Nissan sporting some Crown Royal love


A modified MX3 is like a unicorn these days...
Kinda of weird to have never seen this car before....
Velside RX-7 back from it's trip to Vegas for SEMA
I'd love to see this car at ride height
Streetpowers extremely fast RX-7
Which I finally got not one but two engine bay shots of
Look up Streetpower Performance Inc on facebook for more info

More Boosted Cars

Not sure if I am just more aware of it now but it seemed like there was a ton of boosted cars at Mega Speed this year.

One of many function first Hondas
I think a lot of people overlooked this trio
Engine bay of the silver hatch
And the white one
Supra bay
Luis was there with his beautiful s2000
Not sure if I ever noticed his valve cover before
Gallardo not fast enough? Add two turbos
Might have a hard time keeping up with the one above.


Golf I've never seen shown before
I had heard Gary retired this car but I guess it's on a Jay-Z comeback tour
Bimmersport's clown shoe
Legal? Probably not. Sick? Absolutely.
Charlie's Euro M3 will always be one of my favorite local cars
His shop (BimmerSport), Luxury Auto body, and Ultra Auto Sound recently combined to form areyouready.ca
I actually lost this poster, ha.


The owner of this car was telling me it has changed quite a bit since I saw it last
My cam died right after this shot... this car still blows my mind too clean
Javed's EL
Big things in this cars future
Another shot of Brian's engine bay just because he put a lot of work into it over the winter
One of the cleanest Civics in the GTA
There were a lot of people studying Dan's fitment at the show, and for whatever reason touching the tire stretch to see if it was real
This setup is already history so who knows what's next

That’s all she wrote for Mega Speed, see you guys next year.


  1. love corrados and I fell that the funny front end on that one is a little bit disrespectful but everything else I love.

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