WTF Friday: What Was I?


It’s been… ages since there was a guessing game WTF Friday and because as the audience for the site grows it has become harder, and harder, to find vehicles that people don’t recognize right away.

However I think this ‘creation’ *might* keep a few of you guessing.

Same rules as previous guessing game Friday posts, the first person to correctly identify what this car started as receives to stickers of their choice from the Stance Is Everything Store.

insomniac had the correct answer, the car is evidently a 94-98 Mustang convertible according to the man behind the lens.

Site Updates

I’ve caught up on all of the orders this week. One or two had been sitting for some time for which I apologize, hopefully the freebies make up for it.

This week I should have an update on a previously featured ride ready to go.

Fianlly the store should be restocked very soon.

Flashback Friday

It could be argued that I don’t post nearly enough Thunderbirds, Bryan’s from 2009 sure was a treat.


  1. This is going to sound rather far fetched but here is what it kind of looks like. Miata Chassis, Ghia front end, Porsche Style headlights, Trans am Grill, Buick tail lights, Foxbody spoiler. I doubt Im even close.

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