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Awhile back I was pointed in the direction of a bunch of well done 9th generation Corrollas by reader KN tee. Once I got through looking at the photos and links he submitted I starred the email with the intentions of getting back to it later.

‘Later’ quickly turned into forgotten until last night when I was parked behind a 9th gen in traffic and it all came flooding back to me, dive intervention perhaps.

Here is one of several Kn sent my way.

I’ve gotta say I am pretty impressed with people are doing with this platform. I have not seen to many of these modded here in Toronto.

This particular one is owned by WTF_Pogi and some of you may have recognize it because it’s been posted (and approved) by Hella Flush.

This car has been through a ton of work to get where it is today and the progress thread is most certainly worth a gander if you have the time.

The sticker bomb rack fairing is a great touch on this car
These are 18x8+26 18x9.5+27 Work VS-xxs though he may be onto new wheels now
He assembled the lip kit for this car from various manufacturers
This car is (or was) on a bag over coil setup
No vinyl here this roof was resprayed with the rest of the car
What keep off grass sign?

Photo credit: WTF_Pogi.

To all the 9th gen readers more to come, over the next few weeks and months, thanks for the support.


  1. i dont even know if we get corolla sadans in europe ive never seen one b4 thats for sure damn corrolas got fat lol weres the tail pipe egasaust lol its like euro look meets usdm and mc d’s lol

  2. can you ask that guy what type of fairing that is, it looks like it sits so flush with the roofline…..unless it’s custom….

  3. ya sadly his car did change alot from the white version, he was on Tein SS coilovers, now is bagged, and that kit is actually a stock kit that was found on the altis in japan ( corolla there ) , and his roof use to be vinyl for a long time until he finally sprayed the car 🙂

    he also still has these rims, along with a few other sets :

  4. Thanks for the comments and the feature.

    To clear things up from what Red Baron just posted…

    I was on Tein SS for about a week then bagged the car when it was on Wedssport SA-70’s in 2006, bagged in 2007. The kit is not stock, its actually from a company who made some aftermarket Lexus kits in the USA, also this chassis of the Corolla is not made in Japan. My room was painted Lexus Obsidian black ever since the car was resprayed in 06/07 and then repainted the roof again with the new paint job, never once was vinyl.

    As for rims, I do not have my VS-XX, Varianza, SA-90’s, and Volk GR-C’s anymore.


    – Noel @ Canibeat

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