Event Coverage: Mega Speed Part 1


Being one of my favorite shows in the area I was pretty worried when I heard that Performance World was no more because it was one of the few shows that catered to every part of the automotive hobby.

Thankfully the Mega Speed Custom Car and Truck Show team (which I hear is a lot of the same people behind Performance World) picked right up where P.W. left off and as a spectator I didn’t really notice a difference between this new show and the previous shows.

This years show seemed larger than years previous which means I have a lot of coverage to share this week and this first post contains half of the Classics, Customs, and Hot rods. Chances of me seeing a lot of these cars again are pretty slim so I made sure to get shots of as many that I could.

Burton Batmobile

I’ve seen this car zipping around the 410 a couple of times but this is the first time I have actually seen it stopped, that is unless this is of course a third one I know of in the area.

I wonder how it is going to compare to Tim’s Bat-Berry when it’s done.

Behind the Batmobile was the Fonz.... seriously
Chick's dig the car

On the topic of Batmobiles this Oldsmobile looked like it could have been one of Bruce Wayne’s daily drivers

Reminds me of e30 headlight intakes, maybe this is where it started...
Pretty sinister

AMC Gremlin X

This car is insane and would probably come legitimately close to flipping over without the wheelie bar out back.

That's a Little Field 10-71 Blower you are looking at
A 'mild' tune yielded 1536 HP and 1224 foot pounds on ethanol


Not a lot of Mopar coverage today but this one is pretty wild.

The firewall along with a few other details on this Challenger struck me as odd so I decided to get a closer look
If that is the only sheetmetal left... how much does this weigh!?


Instead of making the touch decision of wagon or sedan the owner of these two Buicks (Special and Caballero) decided to hell with choosing, picked up both and built them pretty much identical.

Classic car owners and builders never cease to amaze.

I actually thought these were a pair of Bel-Airs at first
Looking from one on through to the other
Tidy air ride setup in the Caballero
So crazy..
Wonder if he built both at the same time?


Blue Oval fans don’t worry quite a few more Fords to come this week including a whole pile of deuce coupes.

427 powered '27 T coupe, Willwoods front and rear, 20s up front 22s out back
Aluminum 427
'37 Ford Cabriolet
Kind of wanted to move the carpet over ever so slightly for this shot
'37 Ford with a C5 driveline
One of two LSX powered Fords I saw at Mega Speed
Pretty cool of the owner to bring a poster of what sits underneath that all steel body


Nova out in the main Hall
This Impala was right near the entrance
The more you look at this build the more you see...
...for example I didn't notice the wind-shield in person
A friend of Blair's said this used to be purple, Google says he was right, it's a little weird but well put together
The melted rubber on the quarter panel of this car is a good indication it is not a trailer queen
How your dad may have done it
Whenever I see a Nomad I think of the Home Improvement episode where Tim squashed his Jill's
This Pro Stock Bel Air wasn't far from the Gremlin earlier in this post
Picture Perfect (70?) Camaro
Still absolutely in love with this Chevelle
The Runt, one of several feature vehicles at Mega Speed
Built by RPM motors a shop that really, really, impressed me last year

Not Stock Photograhy / Boogie Van

I really wanted to meet John Jackson of Not Stock Photography at the show because he has taken a whole pile of photos I love (and no doubt a few you love too like this one) but I was only able to catch up to the Boogie Van.

Hopefully he comes back next year.

When I posted this on the fan page a few weeks ago someone said it was 'average'. Believe me it is not
It has some of the best paintwork I have ever seen... the detail work is great
The van has got signatures from all of the events he has brought it too
And inside it is lined with some of his best work, you might recognize one of the photos on the left from a recent Theme Tuesday
Candy blue on the roof carries into the van

Canada’s First Tree

Going to end todays coverage with this piece of Canadian Hot Rodding history that was brought to the show by Piston Pushers.

The next set of coverage will be Trucks and Tuners but I plan to loop back around and finish up the classics Wednesday.


  1. The Pacer was not a Ford, it was an AMC.

    I was talking to Don Douglas today, at his engine shop. Larry Rook is my Grandfather. You should see some of the old video from the early days of Kohler Dragway, some interesting cars to say the least.

    The 1927 Ford, built by Hitman Hot Rods, took the Grand Champion award, Best engine, another award (I forget which one) and the Troy Trepanier Choice Award. So much more detail than pictures can show in that car.

  2. I’d love to see footage from the early days of racing people were crazy resourceful then! Might have to kick around youtube for awhile haha.

    The 27 is pretty crazy, Hitman isn’t all that far from me maybe I should go take a look…

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