WTF Friday: Throw Some D’s


I was reading something the other day about Lil Wayne signing a whole pile of irrelevant rappers, singers, and Limp Bizkit(!?) which for whatever reason triggered a memory of the song ‘Throw Some D’s’ by Rich Boy.

That ear worm reminded me of this story from a few years ago about an e36 driver that ended up with a wire wheel embedded in his windshield.

Google helped me track down the original thread and the photos and story are just as crazy now as it was then.



To date this is still one of the most ridiculous things I have ever seen happen to a car, wheels coming off at highway speed are serious business.

The driver managed to come out alive (though a very bad shoulder dislocation) which is a damn miracle. The e36 was a goner.

The owner of the wheel was found eventually as well, not sure if he got his wheel back.

Site Updates

If you missed the facebook updates Mike Branco took home the Mega Speed tickets courtesy of SIC RYDE and will be picking them up tomorrow.

Personally I plan to head out to the show tomorrow and I will be doing my event coverage, twitter(@perfectstance), fan page deal while there.

Flashback Friday

A lot of you might not know this but every Thursday night I ride at Joyride 150 and last night I noticed that the cars in the parking lot are starting to look a little better with the good weather, which means I should start pulling together another Theme Tuesday of riders rides..

That whole Lumidee thing might be a rumor but Carter 4 outro >>>>> Carter 4


  1. Ouch thats scary :S such a nice car too! I know I’ve lost a wheel on the highway myself…but thats cuz someone tried to steal my wheels and I didnt notice the wheel bolts loosened off…scary. And yes a theme tuesday or riders rides would be awesome! I ride myself so its always cool seeing other riders rides haha

  2. Jordan. Same thing happened to me. I usually park in my garage and the one night I don’t someone tries to take the wheels. Gets the lugs off one and I didn’t notice. Driving North on the 400 the wheel came off. I have never been happier to watch a discontinued rim get jammed into the guard rail. I thought I was about to kill someone that day.

  3. Hahaha never happened to me but nobody steals steelies haha but I have had to dodge a wheel going like 70 that was fun and the funniest thing was it was one of my niebors haha it was like o shit there’s a wheel o shit I know them haha

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