Theme Tuesdays: Fellow BMX Riders


I like cars, this info is not new to any of you,  I also really like to ride BMX and if for whatever reason I had to pick between the two I would probably chose the latter.

However, I don’t see having to choose anytime soon so I have decided for this Theme Tuesday to combine my two interests and post cars owned by fellow riders.

Most of these have been found on bmx message board but a few have been found on car message board with bmx threads.

Last time I posted this car I had no idea it was a BMXers ride

Pontiac Fiero

This bikeguide member has one of the cleanest Fieros I have ever seen, these cars rarely show up on message boards anymore

Probably the cleanest Fiero I've seen
Thats lots of dish


A lot of BMX riders are minitruckers as well, suicide doors was started by a BMXer who used to work at Dans competion.

Matt's a local and we used to shred the hell out of our local park together
Love this truck
Mini project by a fellow s10forum/bikeguide member


Honda’s are cheap and reliable exactly what we need to get from spot to spot.

This Civic is super clean and the photography is top notch
Same civic different kicks
One of the cleanest bodied and styled tegs I have seen in awhile
The same car on rpf1s (I'm jealous)


VW’s are popular with everyone why not riders?

Rider from the UK with a Lupo
That sky looks evil
Straight to the point
Great looking murdered golf
Durks car is legit


The BMX mentality lends itself quite well to drifting…

Logans Legacy is well known for good reason it's very unique
Gettin loose
Real loose

If you ride and read this blog and I didn’t post your car this time around don’t worry. I already have half of a part 2 started.

Feel free to email me at [email protected] you want to make sure I include you in the next one


  1. I’ll admit I don’t like BMX that much, but you guys all have quite interesting rides, especially that crazy purple Legacy and that lovely Lupo

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