Nextmod at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2011


According to their website the Tokyo Auto Salon is “the world’s largest auto exhibition with more than 600 vehicles on display“. To me that reads as ‘ SEMA, in Japan, and larger’.

While I didn’t get to go Peter from Nextmod worked it into his well deserved vacation from the shop and uploaded a ton of photos from the event to Nextmod’s facebook fan page. He gave me permission to re post some here for those of you who are not yet fans of theirs on facebook and I jumped at the opportunity.

These are 50 or so pictures from his multiple galleries that really caught my eye. While I have never been to Japan but things like this make me rethink my personal rule of not sitting on a plane for longer than eight hours.

Over the top

Like SEMA TAS had a number of cars where the manufactures decided to go crazy and push the limits of what could be done. They are a little over the top but boundaries need to be pushed for things to progress.

If these cars got in a wreck I wonder if people would run to collect the fallen bling
Rocket bunny s13, how you drive with all those stickers remains a mystery
The Crazy Boze Toyota from SEMA was also at TAS, not sure if the ipad was always installed
Japan loves their anime, what's crazy is this car still manages to look good
Maybe not over the top, but very, very different
I might be misquoting here but I heard this started as a Supra?
I have no idea what this is, none at all

Wheel and brake accessories

Couple pics of wheels and brakes accessories that caught my attention.

I'll take... all of them?
Leon Hardiritt's 2011 collection
Deep, deep Meister's
Endless Brake kits


The few Honda’s I have seen from TAS that seem to be built with function in mind over form which is always cool to see. Also as expected companies were working with the CR-Z

This blacked out CRZ looks awesome.
Nicely dumped Acura
Race prepped CR-Z
Monstrous looking EG rocking a staggered setup like Spenser with the Orange eg

Subaru and Mazda

A Handful of Subaru’s were in Nextmods coverage as well as one of the cleanest Protege 5’s I have ever seen.

Absolutely beautiful
STI waiting for someone to take it someplace dirty
Legacy on steroids


Is the Euro scene big in Japan, can anyone in Japan chime in on this? I can only imagine that if it is large it’s crazy.

GT3 RS <3
More people should mod the new Scirroco's, just sayin
Interesting looking front end
This chassis is beginning to grown on me
Love the color of these rims on the Check Shop M3
G wagens were huge in rap videos in early 2000, been awhile since I have seen one
Check out the headlights on this Benz, bling inside
Do like


From Yaris to Supra and everything in between the Toyota’s at TAS were very well  done.

Nice looking MK4 from Digicam
LMs on a Yaris? Damn.
Never realized the Yaris looks like a really compact Van when dumped
VIP done in pink
The murdered out look still has lots of life left in it

Kei Trucks, Minis, and compacts

Lots of small vehicles were at TAS, some we do have in North American and others we don’t.

Tidy little Mini
This looks like it could be a problem on the Auto cross course
I swear I should know what this is, but the front end is throwing me right off
This car looks squished
Seeing pictures of Kei trucks drifting always brings a smile to my face


The Van seen in Japan is crazy. Sometimes I wish we had a van scene like this in North America but then I think about all the pictures of 70s vans I have seen and reconsider…

Bold word's take on a van
USDM clipped JDM van.. what?!
HI Ace?
Probably the most Halo's I have seen on a vehicle, ever

Junction Produce

Junction Produce is serious. From what I have seen it looks like some of the VIP readers of this site would have dropped into a coma after setting foot into this booth.

Kids gotta ride clean too
I don't even know what the first car is
VIP tuck is always so significant, tire/rim/spoke all up in the well
VIP Phantom? *head explodes*

That’s all of the photos I am going to post here from Nextmods Toyko Auto Salon coverage but if you want to see the rest of the photos taken by Peter and Rachel go check out the Nextmod facebook fan page.

Big thanks to them for letting me share these photos with you.

Oh almost forgot… there were women at the show!

All of the models look like they are enjoying themselves way more in Japan
Little monster?
Oh hai
Also interesting
Looking mildly amused
Classy model part 4?

Photo credit: Nextmod


  1. The first JP car is a Toyota Century 😉 (i have pics of an LS400 with a Century front end) and sadly the JP car seat does not meet Canadian standards for safety.

    And i think the white car with the Porsche front end started as a 350Z

  2. Nah it aint Philip, its a Daihatsu Lapin. The Squished car below it is the latest incarnation of the Suzuki Wagon R.
    The USDM wannabee looks like a Suzuki Every. Thats all from Kei crazy me for now :p

  3. Not too sure, but a couple of the pictures were repeated for me+/wrong captioned?

    Otherwise, mad show! SEMA, be afraid!

    Loving the Japanese and their vehicle culture. They really do have VIP down all the way..

  4. Images don’t appear to be repeating for me, but I can take a quick look. Wrong captions probably have to do with not recognizing the cars and it being a Sunday when I posted it 😛

    If it was closer I would put the trip in my priority list lol.

  5. insaine love it ,kei love is nice to see,fun fact the mildly amused girl is leaning on the new punto arbarth (insert drooool :P)

  6. You’re right about the white car with the vaguely Bentley-esque nose. The shape of the roofline is unmistakably Supra.
    VileSide refers to it as the ‘4509GTR’. I refer to it as a ruined Supra.

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