Volvo C30 Redux


I mentioned in the comments of the last C30 I posted that I had found another one since then, and this dope looking c30 is it.

I spotted this on Ivy League East looking for a completely different Volvo. While the last c30 had an oem+ look to it this one drives a little bit harder to the point thanks to the beautifully polished CCWS.

Both this one and the previous are very clean and I would have no issues driving either.

Looks like this was taken at h20i?
Looks like this c30 has less camber than the previous one I posted
Looks like Matt Berenz found this car once before
People can say CCWs are played all they want won't stop me from liking them
Props to the owner, clean car

Spotted on: Ivy League East


  1. Dave, the only problem with the C30 is the hatch. It’s tiny. I test drove one at my local dealer and experimented with it’s bmx compatability. Wrangling my S&M XLT’s through that port hole of a hatch was enough to put me off it. I suppose with a roof rack and bike tray I might be content though.

  2. Thats my boy josh’s c30. I love it. I can fit a bmx bike in my c30 no problem. Gotta take the front wheel off if i stuff a mountain bike in there.

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