Theme Tuesdays: BMW E9X


It’s been awhile since I have done a Theme Tuesday on a late model car. This one in particular I’ve been working on and off for at least a year.

Most of that time was spent with me pondering whether or not I really liked this chassis. Visually I think I do however if I were to get something for a performance aspect I would probably go older.

This might have to do with the fact that I couldn’t afford to own and mod an e90/e92.

Liking the trend of blue rims lately, more so than the neon trend
These cars contrast really well white
The owner of this car runs a site you might have heard of...
Cali style
Saw this one on the SW forums, the owner things he should go lower but I like the current look
Saw this beast at SEMA, it pulls off the fighter jet graphics well
Sick photo, not sure if it's real HDR
Not sure how I ended up with so many white cars..whoops
Look a color other than white!
Time and time again BMW and BBS are a winning combination
This car is local one of the first full wraps I ever saw in person
Rollin to a Hellaflush meet
This is the second IND car I have posted here and this is just as sick as the last
Function and form in this car
FTW indeed, damn!

I got quite a few of these photos on


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