Winter Wednesdays: Jaw dropping


I love hot rod guys, something about their mentality makes them different than the rest of us. It’s this mentality that allows them to create the cars I like to drool over then take them out in the snow just to blow my mind.

The first car I am posting today probably doesn’t see much winter driving, the second looks like it was just parked for the winter and then snow fell on it, but the third is reported to be a daily driver.

Seven types of immaculate, and I know that doesn't even make sense
From what I remember this photo is a vintage one
This is a daily!

This 1931 roadster is owned by Jan. Jan never asks what the weather might be at that hot rod meeting the upcoming weekend. He doesn’t whine about rained out car shows. There’s no way he cares about getting a late model car to drive around during the winter months. Hell, he doesn’t even own a daily driver. Okay, that’s not true. He does own a daily driver: his 1931 roadster.

Low Tech

So wrong its right
Weather worn car with tons of character
Driving goggles would basically be mandatory for this to be a daily without a windshield

Now that I got new wheels winter just seems longer, crap.


  1. Nice E&J headlights on that daily. I’m really glad to see folks driving their A’s daily, with the introduction of replacement bodies and panels from Brookville for these cars, more guys can run em daily without worrying too much about it.

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