Fat and Flush


I’ve spent a lot of too much time lately browsing a fitment thread on Mazda 3 forums trying to figure out just how I want my new wheels to look this year in regards to stretch vs fatness and that’s where I stumbled across this sick looking Speed3.

It’s sitting on an aggressive, functional, setup that I really can’t find any reason not to like.

I love Speed 3’s, I love RPF-1s, and I love blacked out cars, and I love nice stance so this car hits all the right buttons for me.

Its a refreshing change to see tires filling up the wheel wells
This car gets driven hard thus the meaty setup
Amazing looking car
He doesn't rub in the front and only slightly in the rear

The specs are: 17×9(et40) 255/40. Not sure the suspension. If a set of 17×9 RPF-1’s showed up at my door this is probably what I would do.


  1. dave bro if yoy can achive beter stance than this but other than widening the track and flairing the arches does it actualy get better than this???????? i would like to see a little more tail pipe tho one question the new mazda 3 is based on the ford focus is the old one and will focus RS mecanicals fit in a 3 of the same gen ?

  2. I LOVE THIS LOOK! I’m a big advocate of “functional stance” as I call it, unless it’s not a DD. This reminds me of my car if I lowered it an inch or two. I need to get on some fitment threads/forums(I didn’t know they existed). I thought I was a major dork for letting my tires look all portly and sh!t. Here in NC It’s just not very practical to have stretched, super low setups that tuck the tires into the wheel wells for a DD like my car. It’s a good look but not practical when you have a lot of hills, so-so roads, and funky ass driveway entrances everywhere like here in NC. I’ve always used the rule that I just barely want to get my hand in between the top of my tires and the fender, like I want to feel both on the top/bottom of my hand. That way there’s not a ton of wheel gap(1.5 inches or so) and you can still hit a bump without rubbing fenders(that’s one of my biggest peeves with riding low). And stretching tires = less rubber to the ground defeating the purpose of a wider rim IMO. I always thought my car would get blasted on a site like this for showing too much tire/wheel gap. But now I may have to get off my ass and shoot some pics and send them in.

  3. Hey Mark, personally I wouldn’t blast you or your car for having functional stance.

    I like all sorts of setups and cars as you have probably noticed from the variety I post.

    If the car is clean, looks good, and isn’t stock height I probably like it.

  4. to me eny less than 50% is worthless (but 60% is better lol) as for strech the more wall the better just look at mk1 skyline gtr racers it doesnt get eny better il take porky n shit eny day

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