Local s2000 onslaught continues… this time joined by an STI


I’m not sure what’s going on so far this year but I sure hope it continues as this is the third clean, local, s2000 I am posting in the past two weeks. Last year I can’t really recall devoting a post to even one.

Today’s contender is also wearing Volks and comes with a bonus STI.

The s2000….

Some say this could be lower but I think it's perfect for getting work done on and off the track
I love the fact that this car is flush with meaty tires
Falken Azenis poking out of that front fender, flawless lip fitment also
Little bit of help via fender flares to get all that tire and rim to fit
If your wondering it's still a bit chilly here hence all the tops up photos

The STI…

If I had to choose one car today it would be the STI no offense to the s2k owner but I love Subaru STI’s!

Oh our front plate law, how I hate thee
CF voltex diffuser is ballin
Love this shot here, those advans show of the Brembros quite well
The beauty of all wheel drive

The full shoot of these cars can be found here

If the past two weeks have been any indication of the caliber of cars that are coming out of the GTA this summer than it’s going to be a hot one, I can’t wait.


  1. as you probably know we have to have a front plate law every were in europe some times it realy pisses my off but some times it adds caracter i quite like the plate on the sti it stops the old boy looking ganeric (as do the weels sexy sexy) but its always an isue on an s2k’s speeking of wich its not the ride hight thats the problem it would look better with slightly larger rear weels like thay did on the renult 5 maxi turbo 😀

  2. @kevin – I will have to look back at my importfest pics I don’t remember it being there lol.

    @ollie both of the plates on these cars look like teeth lol. You might be onto something with a largert set of rear wheels on the s2k though. But I still like it as is.

  3. Mmmm, Laguna Blue, my favorite…. (Well, second only to Imola Orange. I swear I’m getting ours repainted Imola Orange someday.)

    Sadly, S2000’s like her and mine are now being persecuted on S2ki, as I told you earlier Dave. 🙁 TE-37’s and RPF1’s have become “too popular,” and now are being ridiculed as much as “fake wheels.” It’s ludicrous, honestly.

    But MEATY TIRES FTW!!!! 😀 Woo!! Nice to see some usefulness there, being too skinny is icky. 😉

  4. Hey Brian, I will see if I can get some high res where I found them to email over.

    Thanks for stoping by.

    And Meg Meaty tires ftw indeed!

  5. i agree rubber bands suck flabby selulight coverd ass around my loacal roads (southern spain) theres not much in the way of armco and usualy a 500ft drop on the other side show tyers have no place eny were nere real cars

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