Goin For Gold


When I was working on last weeks e30 touring Theme Tuesday I came across this really nice e30 coupe. These pictures are nowhere near new since I have seen them before (2001 2002 maybe?) but I don’t like this car any less now than I did then.

This e30 just goes to show how far ahead Europe was (and arguably still is) and that nothing is new these days just old stuff done differently.

I'm not sure how many other cars this mustard/gold color would work on
For all you color keyed rim fans this one is for you
Perfect pull on the rear fenders, and the vent in the front fender is very subtle
Closer thought of that custom fender vent, which seems like a newer addition
The interior borrows some e36 seats
As well as some underhood e36 M bits
I think the e30 down and out sticker was based on this car...

I’m going to assume these pictures originally came from e30.de but I found them on vortex.


  1. for me i hate sun roofs there just ugly weight and im not a fan of grill difusers ither or the color but its a realy sweet ride

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