Theme Tuesdays: Cars with mouths


I’ll be honest with you guys, when I started this Theme Tuesday I didn’t really think it would come together as well as it did as it is pretty random. However Google never lets me down and it turns out people have been putting World War II type graphics on cars of all sorts for some time.

Add to that the popularity of Rusty and the movie cars and cartoon mouths and you have today’s collection of photos.

This is one of the first cars that come up when you google sucks to roll hard, weird
Sleepy eyes and an angry grill
Two Miatas, same wheels, different sides
Gumball car maybe?
Street Karnage
If I recall this car was inspired by Rusty
This one's crazy on a few levels
Rat work in progress
This style reminds me of the car from the original death race
I think I might have a photo of this car tearing up a track in the rain somewhere...
Lol, this one is pretty reminiscent of cars
Going to guess this one is vinyl..
Whoops this one went up not down
Saw this on Jalopnik a few weeks ago, do want
The bomb kind of throws this one off for me
WW2 themed Anglia?
Quite like this one
and this one...
VW Revision A
VW Revision B
I need more info on both of these...
A Sema build from a few years ago...
Ya there is a vehicle back there
Not including the Mako Shark II would have been wrong to me (and it came up a lot in my search as how to do a mouth right)

Don’t take this as a suggestion for everyone to go do it though.


  1. My grandfather actually worked on the P-40 Warhawks as a mechanic during WWII, I always love seeing this paint scheme. Thanks Dave for another awesome theme Tuesday.

  2. dave@ i thought youd given up on this long ago we havent talked about it in soooo long, yes its a angila and for the lawn mower bmw combo theres some exentrics in the uk that tune up and race vintage lawn mowers
    joe@my grand father made spitfires si i know were your coming form
    speeking of wich fun fact that 3 wheeler is a morgan trike (i want one too) the start button is from a euro fighter combat plain which my dad made the fan blades for

    • I never give up Themes! I just back burner them/forget haha.

      My grandfather didn’t do anything plane related but I built a P-40 model as a kid so…

  3. Ollie, that’s pretty damn cool, I could spend the rest of my life listening to nothing but a Spit. They’re actually selling the Morgan again as well, so start saving haha (I’m still not sure if the new one can be registered as a bike or a car).

  4. yeah theres somthing about a supercharged 24 silinder engine runing streiht pipes that sends a tingle down ones spine lol when my dad worked at rollroyce thay used to have one and thay would fly it low thru the valey and my house was one the side of the mountain we used to sit out side and wach it fly past level with the house spit fires and mustangs are the moast beautiful planes ever made

    thay never stoped making morgans thayve just started making the trike againe yeah the new morgan tike uses a harly motor (because motor guzzis are now water cooled and thay dont make japs eny more)mated to an mx5 gearbox there registerd as a trike lol

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