She’s a fox


There was a call on facebook by Kory Flansburg for more domestics, specifically Fox body Mustangs. I think any 80s babies and 90s children like myself grew up idolizing the fox body or 5.0 because they were everywhere with that super distinctive exhaust note.

Much to the dismay of my girlfriend I still quite like them and occasionally threaten to buy one. If I ever did I am not sure whether I would Salleen/Dech kit it out or just rock the standard body like these two.

When I was growing up there were a lot of Foxes setup like this in my neighborhood
Essentially the classic 5.0 drag stance...
It's still incredible to me how good these cars look on CCWS

Now for those of you who may not like Mustangs (Camaro owners looking at you) you cannot deny that the video below is rad as hell.

I could watch/listen to that video all damn day.

(If you are wondering my Lyndsey really likes Chevelles and dislikes Iroc-Zs and 5.0s equally)


  1. Amazing, thanks for this! Ive never seen that video before, i would be scared driving that fast on that street not going sideways lol.
    Love the stance of the first pic (even tho its a hatch :P) The color of the second car is gorgeous. I want those rims! lol

  2. You did a piece on Mustangs and didn’t include mine? 🙁
    I guess I need to be about an inch lower and add a 3/8″ wheel spacer.

  3. LOVE the white coupe slammed down… I liked all of it and very inspiring considering I have a white coupe as well and just got coilovers….. Makes me wanna have some fun with mine 🙂

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