Theme Tuesdays: RIP Rusty


This is wild, just last week I was talking to my friends Jay and Mike at Stance Factory, who had seen Rusty and Mike in person last year, about the ‘presence’ this car had and now it’s all over.

As a a regular BMW forum reader when Mike first started with this car I remember a lot of the earlier phases of this car quite well, so while I was going to do a BMW 2002 Theme Tuesday today I figured a Rusty one would be more appropriate.

I can’t think of too many other cars that have gone through so many changes and amassed such a following that were not from a movie, owned by a celebrity, or built by a high dollar shop.

This photo takes me back to the whatever forum was before r3vlimited days (e30sport?)
For some of you this might be the highest you have ever seen this car
These type A's are just one of many awesome wheels that have been on this car
Rusty panels start to make their appearance, this stirred up the purists pretty good
HRE's, rusty hood, boom box, this photos awesome
These rims were short lived, I actually forgot about them
Personally I wasn't quite to sure about this combo
To me the car was as close to traditional perfect as it gets here
Then Rusty got killed for the first time and came back, well, rusty
This was perhaps when rusty gained the most followers and my least favorite stage personally
However this is also the stage where I found Rusty on basically every forum
After dieing for a second time Rusty was rebuilt like this, which brought me back around
The air ride and Supra motor were big ways of getting my interest
Until last night I had no idea these are actually BBS prototypes of Work Equips
This phase had a lot of people talking, both good and bad
There was no denying that this picture was cool though regardless of what you thought of the roof
Ashes to ashes

Obviously the most important thing is that no one got hurt in the blaze, and everyone can move on.

Great job on the build Mike and all the best brushing of the ashes, can’t wait to see what’s next.

If you want to know the full story of what happened to Rusty check out this thread on Stanceworks, and if you want to read the entire build click here.

Photo Credit Mike Burroughs


  1. …………Heartbroken. As far as taking a picture goes, what else would you have done when all hope was lost of salvation? Any ways this car escaped the grim reaper twice. I guess third times a charm. RIP Rusty you will forever be missed. Legends Never Die.

  2. Tragic… I might cry. I probably will eventually. I can’t even look at BMW’s anymore without thinking about Rusty. My condolences to Mike B.

  3. heres the thing rusty is like hendrix it will be remembered as an originator an inspiration and a classic the legend that is was and always will be rusty may it live on for ever in our harts and hard drives RIP

  4. Everyone’s saying it sounds like insurance fraud, as things such as the wheels and what not had been removed =\ Has anyone got any comments by mike after the blaze as to where some of the magic parts are?

  5. Quote – Everyone’s saying it sounds like insurance fraud, as things such as the wheels and what not had been removed – unq.

    Very iffy…

  6. “I had Rusty torn pretty far down because I was planning on some summer renovations, the main one being a shaved bay. I was also working on a new air management setup so I had the suspension off of the car sitting off to the side.”

    “I”ve already been asked by several people if this is some kind of elaborate scheme to bring the car back again. If you think I’d actually burn my garage down, losing most of everything I own and risking the lives of others in the process, that’s pretty sad.”

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