Guest Coverage: Malaga Auto Museum


Stance Is Everything’s own intentional correspondent Oliver Pickard recently too his Misses (or she took him) to the Malaga Automotive Museum in Spain, while he was there he took a bunch of photos and emailed them over to me.

While most of these cars are one hundred percent stock and none of them anywhere near slammed there is absolutely no way I couldn’t share these photos with the class.

I mean really how could I not share photos of a Jaguar XK 140 and Aston Martin DB4 with you guys?

This car was a little, well a lot, out of place compared to the ones below
BMW went from this... all the way to what they have now..
Vintage Bugatti
Cars looked cooler when they were built without hitting pedestrians in mind
1936 Lancia Astura... I know nothing about this car but looks like a fine machine
Supercharged Cord, another car I know little about
Jaguar XK 140
And now a little American Iron
Model A motor covered in crystals, why? Because.
If any car deserves to be in a museum its a db4

Thanks for the photos Ollie, I’ve got some cars to Wiki now.

Photo credit: Oliver Pickard


  1. there was tons of realy realy erly stuff and even some stuff that used to belong to the king of portugal but i sent the stuff that i thought youd like the pics came out well to say i just used my stitty little nikon

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