Volvo C30


While I’ve only seen a handful of modified Volvo C30s, and I have not explored their aftermarket crowd extensively, I feel safe in saying that this one is near the top of my list of favorites and will be for some time.

It’s very clean, wears a nice set of wheels and it sits with a awesome raked stance that works great with the lines of the car.

What more can I say? I’ve got love for hatchbacks.

It also doesn’t hurt that the photos are awesome.

The rake on this car is via KW Variant 1's
I suppose the wheels could be spaced out a tad if you wanted to split hairs
Often 19s can look really big but these BBS CK's don't
The rear of these cars is really where people tend to either love or hate them

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  1. I think these just look amazing. The rear is taken almost directly from the P1800 ES, and it’s sad that you don’t see many of these modified. The wheels look good, even stock. But these really need a boost in power and AWD.

  2. im not sure if its was a very limited run a one off pr thing but volvo have made a HOT version of the c30 the one i say was in athina white with a wider body kit i have to admit it made me drool

  3. I too looked into the c30, however, due to the price tag opted for a Mazda3 hatch GT instead. Just like you Dave,I have a soft spot for hatches and wagons. Always liked the two tone hatch/trunk door the the c30’s have.

  4. The C30 has both an advantage and disadvantage when it comes to price. They were and still are a bit pricey. However, they hold their value extremely well.

  5. Instead of spacing out the rear wheels, all he would have to do is adjust the camber closer to vertical. I’m on the fence about these cars, sometimes they look great, sometimes they look downright weird.

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