So after Dom drove off


You know the final climax scene of the Fast And The Furious where Brian flips Dom the keys to the Orange Supra, which runs perfectly fine despite having just jumped a set of train tracks fueled by two big bottles of ‘NOS’, and Dom drives it into the sunset?

One could assume that sometime after his initial escape he realized that a bright orange Supra with a pointing  robot on the side wasn’t the best vehicle to be incognito in and proceeded to change it into something better looking, maybe even something like this…

Better than the movie version as they are both LHD I can
Another straightforward kick ass car

In reality this is just a sick Supra I found that has nothing to do with the Fast and the Furious but I felt like I should say more than ‘just a sick Supra’ hooked up some more photos and a quick update on this car. Sadly it doesn’t sound like it’s as clean as it used to be 🙁

Hurts to hear its not as clean as this anymore
I have the theme song for Cruisin' USA stuck in my head now


  1. I like the concept that the orange monstrosity was not incognito. This very well could be what it woulda looked like but Doms crew loves the attention gaudyness gets you.

  2. have any of you forum followers ever seen the movie Vehicular Lunatics…i think this supra would be good in that movie lol

  3. Yeah the car got backed into while I was at school and I got to come outside to a crushed driver side fender. Then took it a drift event and a tire decided to BLOW up and damaged the lower part of the rear quarter panel.

  4. what happened to it? 🙁 this is my favorite car of life lol im not sure i would want to own one… unless i had lots of money but i do love how they look sound and how fast they go lol

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