A Visit To: Taylor’d Customs


At Performance World 2010 I saw my first Taylor’d Customs build (their unique weather worn bagged Impala) a year later at the same show I saw another one of their builds (the Canadian Hot Rod Featured Montbomb) sitting in the main hall behind a wall of well deserved onlookers who simply couldn’t get enough of car.

Now just over two years later I’ve had the pleasure of both featuring their 57 Chevy and checking out the shop where all the magic happens.

Located east of Toronto, just outside of Ajax, the Taylor’d compound isn’t a super elaborate facility that resembles a hospital. It’s more akin to every car guys dream, a warm building equipped with everything you need to get work done along with a few other buildings that provide storage space for current, completed, and future projects.

There is also of course plenty of space to test out your toys once you get them running or blow off some steam with a quick rip around on a snowmobile or atv.

Suffice to say it’s a big kids play ground and the perfect place for Blair and his father to build and collect all sorts of things automotive.

Nearly all of the vehicles I saw during my walk around had a story to go with it, some were bought, some were traded for, and some just ended up there by sheer luck, and while a couple looked as though they had been sitting quite some time Blair had plans for every car.

Some will be left as is, others restored and others modified. Even though Blair might be elbows deep in one project it doesn’t stop him from thinking about another, he just needs more time to do it all.

Much of what Blair told me about the vehicles during my visit has made it into the captions below.

This is one of two vehicles Blair drove during high school, it has one of the first air setups he ever did and it is the project that taught him how to weld
So awesome that he didn't get this painted over
The property is simply filled with all sorts of gems
This Impala was just sitting in storage until Blair convinced his dad to let him bag it, the first time I saw it at Performance World there was only about four days work in the car
I love everything about this Imapala
Will this Impala end up similar to the one above? Time will tell
We already know what Blair can do with old trucks so I really hope he gets a chance to work on this soon
How many people own several pristine classics and and Delorean? Blair's dad loves trades
Period correct sled with quad lakeside pipes
Love the grill, color, and flame job
Perfect for a boulavard cruise
Blair did this back half about a year ago and the owner put a ton of miles on it with zero problems
It is back at Taylor'd for storage now though it might get a little lower as well...
The straight eight originally in this car was so heavy that when they went to take it out it bent the tractor bucket
One of their ongoing projects
Paper thin clearance
Underside clean enough to eat from
It was awesome to finally see this truck in person, and more awesome to hear about some of the upcoming coverage it is getting
Obviously this has been driven to the speed limit at all times
This car and theone that would eventually become the Montbomb were purchased together
Beauty Ford tucked away in the back of the building attached to the office
Also in that same room was this one armed bandit, I didn't play
The original driver of this car had a club foot so it had a unique pedal configuration
Concourse winning Mustang... the cleanest car I have ever seen
The Montbomb which will be on display this weekend
A real work of art all around
The headliner, which Blair did himself, is one of the cars most overlooked features
A closer look at the big block
Potent Pro Charger setup
Canadian Hot Rod spread on the car

Getting the opportunity to see the Taylor’d shop, and collection of cars, was quite a treat and listening to some of Blair’s plans I honestly can’t wait to see what this shop pumps out for the 2012 season.

Hopefully I will get a chance to head back when it is a little warmer and get some shots that really do these cars justice. Until then be sure to look out for both the ’57 Truck and the Montbomb at The Mega Speed Custom Car show this weekend.

You can also check out the Taylor’d Customs Fanpage to see what is new with the shop.



  1. I remember seeing that last truck around loads years ago. Didn’t it have (still has) gucci interior?

  2. that mazda b2500 is rocking caddy wheels sick they look much better on mini trucks rather than oem escalades haha and why is foghorn leghorn getting out of a space ship and helping someone work on there truck or are the aliens craving chicken haha

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