Theme Tuesdays: Borbet Type A Appreciation


With their chunky twist on the classic five spoke the Borbet Type A is a wheel that people love as much as they hate.

Personally it took me a long time to warm up to the raised center caps, but after pulling this post together I realized that like everything else it all comes down to sizing and application.

Perhaps the only Honda I've ever seen on A's
Mr. 2 from the MR2 Theme Tuesday
This gold 190 screams classic euro
Local car from a few years ago...
Like I said I no longer mind the raised caps all that much
MK 3 and e36 guys seem to love these wheels the most
The more simple the body modifications the better these wheels work in my opinon
They even work well white on white
Someone likes their 1/4 pounders
Harlequin's turn up in the damndest places
Clown shoe on A's
Who knew how popular this car would become?
E36 onslaught forth coming
Super clean
No denying the look really good on the e36
Like Type A's this e46 is love hate
Sans copper faces
My first introduction to Type A's Andre NY
Touring Love
E30 roller
How about no caps?
As good a place of any to end it

I think if I were to get a set I would still get flat caps….maybe.

More Mega Speed Custom Car And Truck coverage coming later today.


  1. borbets are a classic euro wheel thay came stock on mer’s and calibra’s and probably a fue others and thay ether look amazing or shit

  2. These arnet really my favorite wheels either but that fit is sick and it would look kindof weird without the type a but the bmw z wwhatever clown shoe car also scream super gnarly they actually make me like these but jettas on type a’s is kindof played out but still a good loook and last pic = epic e30 booty short heck yes hahahahahahahah

  3. The Honda Fit I think is on ESM (Borbet reps)…you can tell by the center cap.
    The center cap is bigger in diameter and all silver yhan the real ones beins smaller, more detailed and black emblem.
    Here are the ESM ones
    They also come in a flat center cap version.

    I could be wrong tho.

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