El Camino


When I think about El Camino’s (which is more often than I should probably admit) it’s usually fifth generation, or very occasionally fourth gens, but hardly ever anything earlier than that and almost never first generation models.

A lot of that could be attributed to my age but another contributing factor is, at least locally, there are very few first generations driving around in stock form and even less have anything of note done to them.

Based on the Brookwood  (a car that’s graced these pages once or twice) and built to compete with the Ranchero the first generation El Caminos are big, elaborate, and adorned with copious amounts of chrome trim which means that they take very well to a healthy does of low, a little metal flake, and some white walls wrapped around Supremes.

The front end of this generation may be love hate but there is no confusing it with anything else
Absolouetly love the Stance on this, very Los Boulevardos
The flaked subtle two tone is also a great touch and couldn’t have been done without those classic 1960’s fins and chrome.
Fairly sure most of my car would fit in the bed
Perhaps the cars most flattering angle

Photo Credit: Kid Duece

More photos of it can be found here and here or by googling Riche Valles’ El Camino. I spotted it on The Low-Down.


  1. such a beautiful design with so much detail. like the roofline, wheel arches, fins, front and rear window, taillights. all work so well together. combined with the subtle flake job, healthy amount of low and the astro supremes, it’s quite exquisite.

  2. That’s a ’59. They were based on the sedan/coupe, so the front end is the same. They never made very many of them, I think, so that’s a good reason why you never see them. Nice looking rides for sure.

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