Theme Tuesdays: Gassers – Part 1


Starting out purely as a way to put more power to the ground the gasser stance is easily one of the most iconic and recognisable in all of Motorsport and going this long without doing a Theme Tuesday dedicated to another one of the many pioneers of stance is almost sacrilegious on my part.

Thankfully with some contributions from Ollie, pictures I had on hand, and a few bookmarks, pulling this one together didn’t take all that long.

Some of you might not get the appeal but those that do will enjoy.

I see this car quite a bit as the owner runs a tattoo shop near my house
Been awhile since I’ve seen this one though
Roadmates ’55 Chevy
From the SEMA roll-out post about a week ago
Makes me want to go edit the photo above a little warmer
Ford Thames Gasser from Japan
Toyota Stout from Japan
Classic Chevy gasser
Bad Bitch
Probably one of the last cars I ever expected to see like this
…then again
Altered wheebase/gasser hybrid?
329ci Powered Mini Gasser
I thought about not including this due to the forward rake but it’s just too damn good looking
Widest front tires of this entire post
Barracuda Gasser from Speed Hunters Eagle Field Coverage
I have to make sure to attend one of the local nostalgic drags next year
Simply awesome
With everything deemed unimportant stripped these cars got the front wheels up pretty easy
Drivers eyes almost look shocked
Vintage wheelie Theme Tuesday still in the works…
I honestly can’t recall if I have posted this before but it is one of the best photos I have ever seen

If you want to read a little more about Gassers and the car that apparently started it all check out this awesome article over on the Amazo Effect that really set this post into motion.


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