Last week I posted an Audi on 3 piece TMBs to which Ollie replied “some times I think if I see another VAG on Rotiforms I’m gonnna shoot my self. Isn’t the idea of custom cars that you never see another one like it?

I thought about that comment for awhile and realised that despite the fact I still enjoy a good VAG car dumped on Rotiforms Ollie’s point rings true because if I see another Rocket Bunny Kitted FR-S I just might scream a little bit.

So with something different in mind I’ve decided to post this second generation Rover Coupé I stumbled upon awhile back.

Wound down over top of wheels I feel bad for not being able to name of (tip of my tongue I swear), this particular 216 has also been fitted with a Civic rear spoiler and Opel Calibra side skirts.

Far from an over used platform this car certainly stood amongst the varied builds that pop up in my rss reader.

More info here on The owner has since sold it and moved on to a new project.

Photo Credit:s.r.stefanov


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