WTF Friday: Oh my stars and garters


Lately, when posting a ‘questionably’ modified WTF Friday discovery, I try to find at least one redeeming quality to compliment. Unfortunately with this car I can’t really think of anything to say beyond “it’s unique”, which is basically the participation trophy of compliments.

I’m actually really surprised that anyone did this to a Starion to begin with considering that they are a relatively obscure chassis to those who are into front and rear end swaps.

Currently for sale in PA this 86 has spent a significant amount of time under the knife, take a look:

“2002 Pontiac Sunfire headlights, 2002 Oldsmobile Alero fog lights, 2006 Nissan 350z” – What?
“2011 Camaro Tails” – What!?!?
“20” Venti Plus Wheels”.. ehh expected at this point
2006 BMW 745 center console – What!?!?!?!?!
Could have at least pushed the wheels out a little bit…

All yours for nine grand if your ready to own such a beast.

I will say the colours are not bad.

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Here’s what I think a Starion should look like via the Turbo Dodge Theme Tuesday.


  1. Sorry but 9K for something as butchered as that? Why do people choose to do this? If you don’t like the look of a car that much to start with buy something else, don’t destroy something that someone else would care for much more as it is.

  2. In the last pic it looks a bit like a 944, maybe that was what the look the owner had in mind. I would rather see it resemble a starion though.

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