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Sometime in May I tweeted a photo of my Canon on a tripod in front of my car and @ClintJollyGreen was one of the first to ask when those photos would be posted.

My car isn’t exactly top priority around here so my reply was simply “soon”.

This is not soon, and those of you who like my car should thank Clint for his persistence as left to my own schedule these probably would have never made it up.

I didn’t really a whole lot to my car this year but I did use the pothole incident as an excuse to get shorter springs (this is now my fourth suspension set-up), and I ditched the sunroof  visor along with a few other extremely minor changes.

I’m hoping to do a little more next year but we will see what the future holds. As it sits I can drive it at the height it is all year without any issue and still carry three bikes and three people without rubbing which has to be some sort of miracle.

The car also just clicked over to 195k so keeping the rust at bay has also got my hands full.

Since those photos are kind of ho hum here are some additional ones taken by Calvin Lee, I know Right Studios, and Kevin Lam respectively.

While I am at it I may as well throw in this photo of me riding in front of my car for those who may have not seen it.

Still a little bummed that the table kind of sucks but timing it all proved a lot harder than I thought. I’ve also included a test shot for the heck of it.



  1. clint…. sexy looking 3 🙂
    what front lip are your running? im chasing one for my 3 but having issues finding one for the 04-05 edition 🙁

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