Guest Coverage: Fitted Fes 1


Late in 2011 I got a fairly larger order from a Takafumi Ebata, a Stance Is Everything reader from Japan.

The first time I sent out the order I misread it and as a result a few things were missing, so to make amends I resent the entire order along with some freebies from the mystery box.

Fast forward a few weeks and Takafumi showed his appreciation by sending through some photos from Fitted Fes 1 which took place January 22nd in Nagashima Japan.

Other than my friend Josh (and by association Hoda) I don’t really have any real first hand connection to the automotive scene, or culture, in Japan so I really appreciate Takafumi giving me the opportunity to run his photos here.

Furthermore with the internet currently saturated with coverage from the Tokyo Auto Salon it is really cool to see some photos what could be considered a typical meet in Japan.


I think at this point the people of Japan have modified more vans than North America did in the 1970s.

While I like 70s vans for their nostalgia I think if you take everything into account Japan knows their way around the family hauler.

Rusted panels have made their way over seas... perhaps by sea
This looks like a giant aquarium on wheels slammed to the ground
This is a Toyota Wish, and up until a few days ago I had never heard of it


One of the first photos that caught my eye in Takafumi’s coverage is the absolutely incredible looking e36 at the end of this group of photos.

For no reason in particular I assumed European cars wouldn’t be as popular in Japan as they are here, obviously I was wrong.

Nice Audi in the foreground and looks like something interesting in the background also
That rear fitment is money, and the USAF stickers are a neat detail
Another very nice e46 also with exceptional fitment. Is it just me or do those rear arches look a little wider than stock?
Clean dumped BMW 1
Japan's take on the MKII Golf, much like what you would see here
Is that a touch of pin striping on the hood?
More on point fitment, nice WRX in the background too
While this e36 is super clean
This e36 really stole the euro content in my eyes, great example of the classic picture perfect e36


Of course domestics and Imports in this sense are the exact opposite of domestics here.

Hey look a Vibe
Some sort of Holden?
Cali plates! Maybe some of the sites stickers made their way onto this car?
Fender rawed or wrapped? Not quite sure
More Mazda3 owners need to run the oem lip like this owner
Love this generation Prelude and the NT-03ms look great on it
Of course I had to run a photo of the Datsun seen in the Prelude photo
This Celica has minimal camber compared to those I have seen out of Japan latley
Pea green DC2 Integra with North American front end and Equips
Beautiful xb
Square setup on this G?
Japan has no issue with XXR....maybe this will change a few opinions over here?
If only I saw this on Tuesday!
Japan loves their camber
Close this out with a very nicely done Cressy

Huge thanks to Takafumi for sending these photos in and I hope that this translates to Japanese at least somewhat legibly.

The rest of Takafumi’s coverage can be found here

I also found this quick little video of the event


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