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About a month ago the idea to do a follow up to the fairly well received ‘Old School Minitruck’ Theme Tuesday began to creep into my head but it wasn’t until I came across The Coalition of OG Minitruckin on Facebook that it really came together.

After almost immediately losing an hour of my day upon discovery, I sent the page admin an email and we agreed that it’s been far too long since some OG (traditionally styled) minitrucks have been posted on Stance Is Everything.

Looking through the wealth of pictures and information the page offers I can’t help but wonder how today’s trends will be viewed several years down the road.

Part of me can’t wait to find out and the other part of me remembers owning a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fanny pack.

Eitherway the individuality in each of these trucks speaks volumes.

This photo should set the tone of how far back we are going with this post
Check the detail in the door
Taz was incredibly popular in the nineties  I know I had that green pillow, myself. It’s little unfortunate you don’t see murals so often anymore.
Glass art is also seldom seen
Drip paint, louvers, and reversed wheels, OG at it’s finest
Kitted out shaved s10
Trackers never really did get low enough for me but were a staple of the OG scene
Astro’s take things back… can’t think of the last time I saw one at a show (or elsewhere for that matter)
Tilt beds and toppers are another staple
Pushing aggressive fitment before people were calling it aggressive fitment
Long bed short box, scallops, chrome fender trim, so classic. Love the window on the topper too.
For some reason this reminds me of that often spoofed scene of John Cusak in Say Anything
Choptop Datsun on Welds?
Bed dancing Tandems anyone!?
Hell I would take both the bike and the car today
Looking in the comments of this photo on their fanpage it seems as though this truck may have had an influence on a few local Rangers, most notably Gary’s truck
This one was spotted on ebay
Seeing this makes me want to fly to TN and drive back a clean Blazer
Looks to be just about half the wheel tucked..
Japan really digs OG minitrucking style and Datsuns take well to it
Like I said Japan loves it…
This truck is actually recently finished in Japan
Trucks as big as this can’t die, the OG page admin tell me this truck is being rebuilt
Though this picture looks sad this is also being rebuilt currently
As is this
Some info around what’s known as the ‘first’ body dropped truck, ever.

Big thanks to the guys at The Coalition of OG MiniTruckin for letting me share these photos with you and I encourage you  to take a look around his page.

It’s perhaps the best source of mini trucking history to date.


  1. Great Article and pics. I wasnt driving when I first got into minis and seeing the OG fan page is making me build my 91 s-10 to an old school flavor. Anyone know where I can find a pull out stereo!!!!

  2. Love seeing the revival of old school minis. My truck sat in the garage for 20 years….. Now it’s finally getting the work it deserves… Aaron lynch is working his magic on a truck he used to admire as a youth…. There will be updates! Keep on mini truckin people! ……the green and white splashed dime is mine!

  3. Hey Brothers love the article and recognition of the Coalition, as a 45 year old Hardcore MiniTrucker I have seen many changes through the years, I tell the youth in my neighborhood when they ask why I still wear Dickies and hit switches in my rides that MiniTruckin is a forever Lifestyle, I’m glad to see you guys are supporting the cause. I miss rollin my tandem minis and remember hangin with Clubs in Cali, but got my own crew in Oregon and they are all great people… Anywayz, Thanks for keepin the style alive:) Peace

  4. First off let me say….first time long time….first time comment long time mini trucker..i purchased my first mini truck about six months after riding in one for the first time…a guy that worked with me at albertsons night stock gave me a ride home after my vw bug took its last dump…for months after i was wondering if it were possible to own one….made a call to my credit union and bam i had financing i was maybe 22 at the time….since then baby mama drama 2 divorces…and many many late nights totally stressed out….i used to belong to a mini truck club named out of control minis in ft Lauderdale… .they were like family and as with most of the club we traded mini trucks for mini vans….lol…it just so happens i read a comment a friend posted on COOGMT page…and decided to be nosey and look at the pics…and after about 10 minutes i found it again…that high…finally i was reminded how simple life was things would never be the same….. i purchased an isuzu standard cab for $600.0 and it is in the shop getting done what i would have done if life didnt get in the way of life…..i honestly feel free to live now..maybe can be seen as mid life crisis but i dont care honestly ….i hope to have some pics on the page soon…and it will be old school…i invite people to stop living on status que…if u enjoy it and it does not harm anyone or u then do it…mini trucking is not even like the extraordinary cost of an average decent car payment and most mini trucks were 4 bangers that sipped gas…have fun and enjoy the ride…see ya round Baltimore in the blue 88 zu

  5. Glad you guys liked the article so much and thanks for sharing your photos and stories.

    Though I was too young to own a Mini when these photos were taken seeing them as a child obviously had a lasting effect on me when it comes to a love for all things low so I always show appreciation when I can.

    I’d love to be kept in the loop of some of your resurrections!

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