WTF Friday: Rotary Estate Club


People from New Zealand love their rotaries and if one of my co workers is any indication they also love their Mini’s so if you look at it from that angle this combination of Mini body, custom chassis, and Mazda heart makes perfect, logical, sense.

Hell even if it didn’t make perfect logical sense the end result is so phenomenal that it doesn’t matter.

Underneath classic Mini Clubman estate metal is a completely re-engineered chassis that houses a Mazda 12A rotary engine. All the important dimensions remain proper Mini spec so that the cars proportions are unchanged and there is not any need for flares or any insane body work.

Adding to this vehicles awesomeness is the fact the owner sat the whole incredibly close to the ground over some Performance Challenger wheels.

Damn near factory looking from the outside other than the ride height
Underneath however is a different story entierly
Sadly the shots of the interesting bits are not the greatest
But until more pics surface these will have to do

Someone out in NZ needs to get some proper photos of this asap.

Until then here’s a video when it was still a bit more of a work in progress.

Spotted on cardomain via Suck Squeeze Bang Blow

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  1. I’ve the same chassis with a 2ltr Honda Civic type r. But the stance and colour of yours is stunning unbelievably stunning

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