F20/AE86 and SR20E30 drift builds are complete


The drift/track/fun season is well underway here in the Toronto area, so it only makes sense that both of the local heart transplant builds that I, and you by association, have been following are complete and running around burning up tires.

Big props to  Drift Posse/Cyrious Productions/Cyrious fab and Union Auto Club for seeing these builds through to the end and getting them running for this season.

Ryan’s SR20E30

BMW purists be damned, Ryan Lewis finished his e30 his way and the complete car is now cruising the Hamilton region.

Ryan put up with a lot of opposition on maxbimmer during this build but soldiered on anyway and the results speak for themselves.

Another Dark Knight takes the streets
Makin moves
Looks like the motor is running strong
A new type of curbed?
Ryan and another Union car showing of their fitment

Pat Cyr’s Boosted F20 AE86

Those of you who follow the Canadian drift scene (DMCC specifically) probably already know that this car is up and running since Pat’s been out competing already.

For the out of towners here is some proof that not only does Pat know how to build cars, he knows how to drive the snot out of them as well.

Pat did a photoshoot with local auto photog Ste
More from this shoot can be found at shutterlit.com
Such an angry looking car
Do work
Killin em

Here is a video from DMCC round 1

For thos ewaiting for updates on Aidan’s IS300, Geb’s, e30, rebirth, and the widebody 2002 don’t worry I am going to check up on those builds soon. Ant’s got you covered on builds till then.


  1. dude! i don’t understand haters on forums if every one did what every one els says all cars would look the same and nothing would ever change its toatal bull and the car looks rad mean stance are those rota grinds? and that ae86 looks evil luvin the splitter n RS wannabe’s shame there arnt 2 more of them lol

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