WTF Friday: Want a truck? Make your own.


I’m sure we have all seen something like this before, someone takes a car with rear end damage and instead of getting it repaired traditionally (or just scraping the thing) the make some sort of El Camino bastard child.

I can’t really imagine how you go about getting these things insured since they would probably crumple like a ball of paper in an accident, and I doubt 2 of the 3 posted today go down the street straight, but hey its DIY?

Pontiac Transport Truck

Growing up my friends dad had one of these, I always though they looked like a giant ass cheese wedge rolling down the street.

This bed still doesn’t really help that.

Looks like another creation is being constructed under the tarp as well

Escort Truck

North American Ford Escorts have always been throw away cars, so why this owner didn’t just throw this one away is beyond me.

Lol stacks, and what is that random pipe in the middle?
Wood sides, mis matched wheels oh ya
Trailer lights on hood? This car is firing on all red neck cylinders

Corvette C4 Pickup

This is a real damn shame. I would much rather have seen the motor from this Vette end up in something cool instead of becoming this.. thing.

Almost doesn't look bad here... almost
Finishing details fail, window looks like doo doo

Site Updates

Not too much as far as the site goes, I have to head over to my moms place tonight so I will see if the new stickers have arrived.

I’m also selling my old spring/shock setup tonight as well as taking some coil over measurements so that I can get some custom shorter springs from BC to get the stance I want.

Once everything is how I want it I will snap some new pics, but for now my ride height is exactly the same as before, but the handling is 1000x better.

Fingers crossed I get the height I want and the handling I want soon.

Flashback Friday: Next Mod Grand Opening

Next Mod‘s 1 year anniversary is coming up, and in celebration of their upcoming celebration here are some pictures from last years Grand opening event.

For pics of all of the cars at the event click above
Toronto Mazda 3 pics

Now to work for the weekend…


  1. thank the lord there arnt alot pontiacs in europe that thing makes me wana stab my own eyes out so i dont have to look at it eny more(there are a fue of cars that have that efect lol) ISNT IT A SHAME THAT THERE IS SUCH A THING AS A THROW AWAY CAR? as for the vett the only thing that must have been damaged it the massive rear screen ,the boot lid (trunk to you bloody foreners lol) and some butress its all fiber glass and easy to fix so my money is on vetty beeing choped because on want not need !

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