Low Hi-boy


Saw this amazing Highboy on Go With Solo immediately did a little bit of digging to  pull up a  few more photos. It’s awesome,  and different, to see a clean 32 riding this close to the ground . Normally they are a little higher or have more going on overall but this car just gets straight to the point without unnecessary frills.

It’s built by Michael Moal of Moal coachbuilders and I am pretty sure it’s sitting on their new Moal 32 T-bar Chassis which uses indy inspired suspension so it’s sure to handle just as well as it looks.

I would gladly have this beauty sitting in my garage if given the chance.

Just looks so proper so low to the ground
Uber clean overall
Classic Hot Rod rake
Nice from the back too
Bet she sounds awesome
More rods should be built like this...

More info on Michael Moal and his creations can be found at Moal coachbuilders.


  1. I love the work Moal does, there’s a really good episode of Rides that showcases their work and the build of one of their custom creations.

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