I can see it now…


I really can, this car is going to end up all over the internet. It’s going to appear on blog after blog, and forum after forum, for a couple of reasons. I would actually be surprised if some of you had not seen it already.

The first reason people are going to talk about this car is pretty obvious. A lot of people don’t think Subaru’s should be lowered, never mind slammed or on air ride, because of their out of the box off road capability and cherished rally heritage so multiple page debates about the suspension on this car are basically a given.

The second part of this Subaru build that is sure to push some peoples buttons is the fact that this car rocks Rotas, and looks so great doing it, that the owner has no immediate plans to change the wheel setup.

The color of the Rota's and the color of the paint are great together

Before you’re quick to get upset with the owner for bagging an Impreza RS I feel I should let you know that by the time this car got into his hands it already had a salvage title, meaning that it would have been a less than desirable platform for most people to start from anyway.

If you are a purist would you rather this car end up in a junk yard or end up looking like this?

Some are saying this car would look better wingless not sure if I agree...

As for the Rotas (which some people hate) and the bags (which some people hate) maybe the following photos will change your mind. There is no denying this car looks damn good as it’s currently set up.

Look, Rally mode!
The final stance aired out is pretty killer
Shouts to the photographer too great work
Love em or hate em Rota is here to stay

The full shoot is here, and the build is here, both found on the Stanceworks forums.

Photo Credit: Will and Rali from BagRiders.com


  1. i like it. i hope he has a key to make it go to rally mode 😛 but for real i dont mind the rota’s as long as they hold up for him who cares he payed way less and got almost the same look.. (i didnt say quality)

  2. Doesn’t Rota make a lot of OEM replica’s? That’s what I thought their angle was for the most part. Either way. I think they make some pretty nice wheels. These in particular are pretty nice, and they look perfect on this car. And as far as the suspension, you can get some pretty good handling out of bags, not quite sport spring handling, but better than a lot of coil over set ups. And as far as this vs. junkyard, I’d take this all day. I hate to hear about/see sick cars that get salvaged, if it didn’t end up like this it would of only been suitable as a track car. So KUDOS to the builder/new owner.

    So what’s the big beef with Rota’s? Clean, nice wheels IMHO. How are they as far as price/quality?

    • Mark, the big beef with Rota’s (not form me) is that they copy other peoples designs which takes away from the ‘name’ brand wheel manufacturers bottom line.

      As far as price quality they are on point with what you are paying basically. If you are going to track and track hard probably best to stick with your stock wheels with sticky rubber or if you can afford it a set of ‘real’ wheels.

      I’m not big on the real/fake debate but I know a lot of people are. Personally I have never paid over $1000 for a set of wheels and never bought new so…

  3. Wow… I take back my words. I’m a fan of function over form(or at least a 70-30 split). I guess you get what you pay for, that’s why people do pay the extra $$$ for the real thing. So what company would be a good middle ground? A manufacturer that sells a good wheel that will hold up on the track, but won’t break the bank when sh!t happens at the track.

  4. lol i dont even know if that is a rota but i think they have a history of doing that.. but thats just from what i read around online.. i have never had a personal experience with them so i cant give a real opinion.

  5. true! i never said i thought rotas where bad or i didnt like them i just said i have heard bad stories about them 🙂 i hope that never happens to anyone who enjoys cars like the rest of us

  6. I had a silver 2003 2.5rs that I bought brand new and had to give to my ex-wife in our divorce, I still miss that car, I don’t miss her.

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