WTF Friday: Fun for the whole family


For those of you who are, or already have, started a family and are looking for a fun way to get the tribe involved in something automotive based then you might want to take some cues from this wrench  holding handy man as he’s obviously has it all figured out.

First you need two Dodge Caravan’s, one running and one for parts, then you need a truck frame to put everything onto and once that’s done gather the kids for the camouflage paint job.

When it dries stand back and admire what you’ve created.

Isn't she beautiful?
The funky body line makes it look like a photo shop

This van is both odd and slightly intriguing to me, I wonder how it performs off road.

However if I were to do anything to a Caravan it would be this:

Dodge needs to go back to turbo charging random cars (remember the Dodge Spirit R/T?).

Site Updates

Nothing major site wise, and in regards to my wheel post yesterday I am getting the tires taken off tomorrow and then proceeding down the path of measurements/modifying center bore.

I want to make them fit.

Flashback Friday

Since we are talking about Van’s here is a throwback to what I think was the first Theme Tuesday I ever did called ‘Vans can play too.

Look, it's on Equips also

Back then I was basically talking to myself!


  1. Check out the front fender double splice on that first van!

    There’s a dude who showed up at our annual Mustang show this summer with a RWD V8-converted Mercury Villager. I think it ran 13’s but it didn’t look too great doing it. The burnouts were fun to watch though.

  2. The turbo van is still a classic. I had one boosting at 12psi. Man I miss it. If they brought any car back I’d like the Omni glh to come back. We need a theme Tuesday on turbo dodge’s.

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