Event Coverage: 2012 CSCS Round 3 Part 2


Continuing where things left off yesterday today’s coverage consists of  the cars that caught my eye in the pits along with coverage of the show and shine.

The Round 3 show and shine was actually a lot larger than these pictures illustrate but once the weather took a turn for the worse I focused my efforts more on track coverage and staying dry.

Big thanks go out to Erik and Nine-O-Five Rides for their help with the latter by generously offering up space in their tent for Lyndsey and I to camp out.


Kind of really like race prepped is300s
Riley beside a very interesting e30
I never saw this car hit the track but it looks like it sees a lot of use
Does anyone know more about this car and how it performs? Video maybe…
Operation catch Spenser on the track: failed
Jesse’s car with it’s new paint
If I’m not mistaken he painted this all with rattle cans, he did a good job, not full of tiger stripes

Show & Shine

Jay of JDM Ego is probably stoked to have his plate on this car (excuse the double watermark which will be resolved later)
This Evo was from NY but he’s been intown for the past two weeks or so
Justin’s Car is damn clean
Idub.ca has new stickers, go check them out
Jetta from Toronto Tuner Syndicate with no hood in sight
Looks like Leo and Beast got into a bit of a tumble during his last rally
Scraped Crusaders Rockin the infield
Love that wheel colour…
For those who ask why I don’t blur plates, see Santiagios initiative here
Skyline right after the rain
I think this is the first time I have seem Sam (and his car) all year
Paul I’ve seen more of
Harvin’s 370 in the JVC booth… more on this car next week
At first glance these look like e46 wheels but the more I look at them they don’t…
See this Speed 3 around my area everyonce and awhile
This Toronto Mazda 3 member makes it out to most CSCS events
Mike’s RX8
Second CSCS in a row with a very cool vintage RX-7 in the show an shine
Hips for days
Not sure what time capsule people are keeping these in
Matt’s no longer black s2000
After it rained this Wide body 2002 took Matt’s spot in the Meguair’s tent
Kiwee in the Standard Suspension booth
Also in the STD (tragic name) booth was this 8th gen Civic that has changed considerably since last year
Fairly sure these cars all have STDs too….
Not sure what the wheels on this car are… but I like them… different
Garage 17 Silverado
Can’t decided if I liked this car before the wrap or after… leaning to before
Nine 0 Five Rides
Finally got to see Erik’s car in person sans kit and new paint
I now want fresh paint, his car looks great


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