WTF Friday: Well now you’ve gone and done it.


PT Cruisers never really looked good, I mean they don’t look as bad as the Aztec and are not quite as impractical as the SSR, but all in all looking back at them I don’t think there are many who would say they are a great looking vehicle.

Good on Chrysler for making eventually making a turbo version to at least try and give them a little more of an appeal.

Bad on this owner however for sticking a cruiser front end on what could have been an quirky little truck.

On my list of things to do to an 80s or so ‘yota pick-up (which I am assuming this is based on the cab) the above is near the bottom,body work looks alright though…

This Rover has absolutely nothing to do with the PT Cruiser above but it made me laugh so I’m posting it as well.

Creative solution representative of the motor? Who knows.

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I won’t be attending any events this weekend but here are two that are going down:

Flashback Friday

I am going to see The Dark Knight Rises after work today so here’s a look back at a VW with a Batman themed hood.

How much does a PT Cruiser go for these days anyway?


  1. it looks like a poor mans ssr lol pt’s handle like a doble decker bus there are fue worse hatches (daewoo ect)

  2. In Markham I’m almost positive I’ve seen a PT Cruiser, twice on the road, rolling on SSR Type Fs [either rep or real deal im not sure]

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