Theme Tuesdays: E30 M3s Part II


Similar to how I did a one two VW MKII and MKI combo a couple months back I’ve decided to do the same with e30s by following up the second E30 Theme Tuesday with the second E30 M3 Theme Tuesday.

When I was looking at the official list of cars for GT5 I was pretty shocked to see that the e30 m3 was not included. Polyphony had better fix that by December 25th when I get my copy of GT5 as this is the only way I’ll be driving one. Probably.

Lookin’ good

M3’s lookin good sitting still.

Best of enemies, Best of Friends
Local hotness
These side mirrors look a little out of place on the standard e30 but great on the M
I'll never get sick of BBS wheels.
Another shot of the same car, I just wish it had the standard kidney grills
For whatever reason green is a fairly uncommon e30 color
This picture is pretty ridiculous
The dark side never looked so appealing
More Darth
Nürburgring vet
Killer color and wheel combo
BMW art cars > most all other art cars
Next time you are around BMW people ask them how to say Hartge because I have no idea
This e30 m3 is stance famous, if there ever were such a thing

Put to task

Because the m3s heritage is in racing some track shots are mandatory.

Look at the smiles on those guys faces...
This car looks beautiful out there on the track
This cars cornering pretty damn flat
Reverse stagger?
Older brother putting the younger to task


  1. Just love the m3’s. I can’t think of a more versatile car tbh..

    Track, Stanced, nurburgring, rally spec – they all look amazing.

    Me and my family used to have a 1.6 three series and it was the best car we ever owned. It was 25 years old when we got rid of it, only due to needing so much welding. On retrospect, my father said he’d buy it back any day and start welding 😉

  2. 1.6? Euro I guess, we never got the 1.6 I don’t believe.

    If the current owner of my e30 were to sell it I would have a hard time not buying it back. Love(d) that car.

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