Theme Tuesdays: MKI Golfs


After doing MKII Golf’s last week it became pretty apparent that there are quite a few MKI fans that check out the site.

So to follow up I decided a collection of MKI’s was in order, the rest of the generations have been added to the to do list as well so don’t fret MKIII and on drivers 🙂

These wheels look better on the MKI thank the Porsche they came from
Another clean, fairly standard, example
Hitachi win - Not an MKI but I still like the photo lol
That's a bad ass set of OZ's
As this is a bad ass set of BBS
Are BBS kits as rare for MKI's as they are for e30s? Anyone know?
So clean and well done
Gorgeous color
The only thing wrong with this one is that it is not plated
Local flavor
A bit bummed I missed Vagkraft this year even though it was raining
This car was so clean
These look bad ass in race skin
Kamei MKI - I am sure one of you know way more about this than I do
Perhaps the coolest slot car I have ever seen
From what I remember the final number was around 250bhp
These look so good dead on


  1. rabbits dont half look weird with square lights :/ ive seen a fue wide body golfs in the skin there pretty rad but i am a bit in love with the rally car due to my love of rally/rally cross and the fact that my obsesion with sump guards that som times borders on the erotic and i love zomg as well soooo much chaving mmmm all altho i hate cabriolet ENYTHING nice one dave

  2. It’s the gap between the wheels and fenders due to the lack of weight on the suspension. I dunno, it gives it a 4×4 Niva look lol.

  3. DAVE@because we can dave because we can lada is a dirty word in my house lol thay still make them under lisence in egipt you know!
    joe@i see what your saying there arnt meny jacked up hachbacks however in the metal a golfs almoast 2feet shorter and a shit load better looking

  4. In regards to Photo 4 being a Mk2:

    Mk1 (pronounced “mark one”) is a British moniker meaning “version” (referring to the car’s body style) given to the first generation Golf/Rabbit convertible. All 1979-1993 Golf/Rabbit convertibles are Mk1s; the 1988-1993 Cabriolets are usually referred to as “Mk1 Clippers” to distinguish the later models.

    So technically it’s a Mk1 Cabriolet…not a Mk2 Golf

    Taken from:

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