Theme Tuesdays: Dat Ass – Fitted Edition


This Tuesday I’ve opted to bring back the ever popular ‘Dat Ass’ theme but fill it with only cars that were at Sundays ‘Fitted’ event put on by Stretch & Poke.

Gathering this Theme Tuesday took second priority to capturing as much of the event as possible so I might have missed a few significant rear ends but there is still a good amount of variety and the last picture is sure to draw some controversy.

M5 with a fully functional setup
Super, super clean R33
One of the best 350z in the city... in my opinion of course
This s2000 was parked pretty far from the rest of these cars but I am glad I found it
Blain's car is now on air, suits it very well
The famous Acura clipped hatch
This car looks strikingly similar to another car in the area from the rear
Steve's e30 always has a crowd around it
Jetta squattin'
Wish I took the bottle off the rear of this
Phil's gone crazy with his car this year.
Risked getting run over by a smart car for this shot, so really no risk at all
I love how you can see exactly how much tire is actually used based on dust ha
I know this is not finished
And I am honestly hoping the same for this

More ‘Fitted’ coverage to come…  this is just the beginning.


  1. Pardon the fitment, my kouki sits alot higher usually, and my arms i bought were wrong, so I was limited on what i could do, due to ride height. (toe issues)

    Will be fixed before cscs! Look for me and my 180sx too!

  2. I gather the last two didnt calculate their wheel setup properly.. hehe lol it will fit bro.. it will fit bro.. see bro it fits.. man so sexxy poke bro!

  3. I’m guna say it, that last skyline looks stupid, not even because of the height, just because they thought that would fit

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