Event Coverage: Stretch & Poke: Fitted-1 Pt.1


One of the most anticipated events of the first half of the summer season was the first ‘Fitted’ event and Downsview Park put on by Stretch & Poke.

Everyone expected it to be big but I don’t think I was the only one who rolled up and was shocked at the turnout.

I’ve been to a few events at Downsview before and the last one I can remember on anything close to a similar scale was probably Honda Tech in 2009, but that was so long ago my memory can’t be counted on.

The low/aggressive fitment crowd in Toronto has grown so much since the initial Stretch & Poke event at Dave & Busters that it is almost hard to comprehend, all those are wishing for this ‘fad’ to roll over and die are going to be waiting a few more years yet.

Coverage of this event will be broken into two parts with this is actually the lighter of the two.


As a title sponsor of the event all of the core idub.ca members came out in along with a number of other local VAG enthusiasts.

I think these two cars were from a' Insufficient Funds'
I've already said all I am going to about the bike thing on facebook, but I am curious how long the wheels in the foreground took
This car pops up in threads all over the place online
Justin's winter wheels > a whole lot of peoples summers
Beautiful trunk setup! Simple and tidy
Josh's MKV as clean as ever
Phil showing off his new TE's


There were quite a few nice BMWs at Downsview last Sunday with Stance Factory having some part in a a lot of them. Jay’s car and his new ‘Lexington Steelies’ were quite a hit but the e30 m3  on HRE’s below?


Eta on what look to be Gottis
The Importfest 6, first time I have personally seen it outside
Carman's e30 proving that not all Bronzit's are destined to an early doom
Justin wasn't the only one on sick looking winter wheels
The best BMX bike at the event was IN this car not on top, real rider.
Sam is perhaps the only other car in the area on BC wheels, the red with his paint is perfect
Stance Factory
Jay told me the specs of these wheels but all I heard was big, and BIGGER
Jay's crazy
Probably the classiest car of the entire event
Period correct but still more than enough to show us all who's boss

Benz Coupe

This car was apparently finished hours before ‘Fitted’ was set to begin, and somehow I had never heard about this build prior to fitted.

Looks like something a diplomat would drive...

Only one picture of this car because shortly after seeing it I got a chance to drive and FR-S thanks to Alex Pascua and Scarborough Scion which was an unexpected surprise.

It’s been awhile since I’ve been behind the wheel of a RWD car so I didn’t do anything to outrageous I can say that this car lives up to the hype behind the wheel.

Can't wait for people to start modding these
The 'flippy paddles' took a little to get used too
Hats off to Scion for bringing these out to events, marketing is doing it's job

Scraped Crusaders

The Scraped Crusaders get close out honors today, always doing things right.

Gil's latest set of BBS wheels, I think these suit his car the best out of all the wheels I have seen, though the steels were pretty bad ass
Dat wheel color!
Steve's e30 from the build thread Theme Tuesday last week
People are finally starting to notice what is under the hood
Exactly how an e30 should look

That’s all for today but if you are wondering what more there is for tomorrow, here’s a peak.

Stay tuned.


  1. nice coverage, can’t decide which e30 i like best, the bronze one or the red one from scrapedcrusaders. both are on point.

  2. oh yeah and the steelies where the best on that suby legacy wagon idk if i like the newer set of bbs hes put on it the lime green ones where sick though

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