Event Coverage: Stretch & Poke 2010 Part 1


As I am sure you are all well aware, from yesterday’s teaser coverage courtesy of Elle Marie Photography, the Toronto Wrong Fitment Crew organized an meet in the GTA called ‘Poke and Stretch’. Which was Toronto’s first meet dedicated to low, clean, cars with aggressive fitment.

The weather was great and the atmosphere was awesome no drama, no competition just everyone out because they love cars, everything a good car meet should be.

Not every car had the lowest stance or most aggressive wheels (my car included) but the cars that did were on point and the cars that didn’t were still clean as hell.

Random stuff

Like I said the atmosphere of this event was great and lent itself to a few photos of this and that

The driver of this limo was walking around the meet, I wonder if he got any ideas?
The only bike at the meet
welovethis.ca + illest
While Sic Ryde did not have his A game car out he was still in attendance
This clean MR2 is the perfect starting point for something epic
Nice lookin e30 m3 though the wheel weights made me sad
Steezy lineup

The box

Probably one of the best fitted boxes I have ever seen in person was this one from curbed.ca

Shortly after arriving he let the air out of the sytem in the rear and brought it down to this height

The Genesis

I have not seen a lot in the GTA but I hope that changes this season

Some spacers would have this car looking even better


A lot of Evo guys came out, these cars are monsters.

I wonder how much negative attention that plate brings
These cars always look so pissed off, it's great
Feed me.


Owners of Nissan’s luxury line are not afraid to get low

Clean and subtle this g35 was proper
The stance and fitment on this car earned him some stickers
This G35 had a lot of poke and stretch goin on
The green inset on the wheels was a nice touch

Honda’s and Acuras

The Honda crowd came out with a lot of clean rides

Probably the cleanest Type R I have ever seen
Clean, low Acura
P-dizzles flush Civic
The driver of the bus in the background hated life when he had to leave
Check out the rear fitment on this RSX
TL Type S on Gramlights with a DC5 carbon diffuser
I heard that this was the first Hella Flush approved car in Ontario...
...it is easy to see why that would be the case
Lindsay bought her s2000 in Florida and had a blast driving it back
Since was lucky enough to hit up the tail of the dragon
Got to see that s2000 I posted up a week or two ago in person
And this one as well
It's friggen low

Out of compassion for those on mobile devices I’m going to stop this post here but for those who want to see what the VW, Lexus, and Subaru camps had to offer and the rest of the coverage click here.


  1. I wonder how much negative attention that plate brings

    LOL Thank you, it was my 5th choice and thought it was funny/heat @ the same time
    any more pics of the Evo’s?
    Very nice pics!!

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