Guest Event Coverage: Stretch and Poke 2010


Yesterday I attended the’ Stretch and Poke’ meet presented by the Toronto Wrong Fitment Crew and had a blast. This was probably my favorite event so far this season and I will make a point to attend every event they put on because it was just an all around good vibe.

Both my girlfriend and I shot a number of photos and she was able to get her’s edited before me (big surprise I know)  so here is a little taste of the meet through the lens of  Elle Marie Photography.

The box is one of the few first gens I have seen in the GTA
Another shot of the box
Full frontal
I remember this car from last years Next Mod Season Opener
Another shot of the 350
Lyndsey is slowly starting to warm up to Skyllines
Gary's wide body e46 was in attendance
Early lineup of cars
Lots of Subarus, not mad
Favorite car of the event
Dat Ass!
Always a fan of this color
Toronto Wrong Fitment crew represent
So stoked to see my sticker on this car

Photos credit of: Elle Marie Photography


  1. Mmmm, Skyline….

    Everybody keeps telling me to get an STi, haha. I’m trying to hold off a few years, maybe two or three, and get one of the newest sedans…. But yeah, I do want one. 😛

    It’s more fun being me and not editing your photos at all! 😉 Just sort through them and pick out which turned out good, then upload to Flickr and be done… (Oh, and write that pesky blog post!)

  2. I agree, one of best car meet by far.
    My buddy handed “” sticker to me a couple months ago. I love the name alot! Stance is everything, so true lol

  3. @Meg Get an STI everyone is doing it 😛 I can’t not edit my photos, once you start you can’t stop.

    @Wilbert thanks man! And ya it was awesome.

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