Event Coverage Stretch & Poke 2010 Part 2


The second part of my coverage from the Stretch and Poke event put on by the Toronto Wrong Fitment crew. The second half contains, Nissan’s, Lexus, Volkswagen’s, Audi’s, and finally Subaru’s.


Nissan’s came out in surprisingly small numbers to this but here’s a couple

Well used 240 on works
I've taken a lot of pictures of this car, here is another


Also coming out in somewhat small numbers was V.A.G. crowd, the brought the heat regardless.

Couple Audi's hangin in the back
Clean Cab
Dan brought out his black VW which came through a rough winter with some character
This Audi wagon had killer stance
low and low


Nothing wrong with a little VIP….

Aidan's project is300 I mentioned awhile back is coming along nicely
He is considering going with a bigger spacer out back
This Ls400 was rollin heavy
Like a boss
I've been seeing this car at a distance for years in my dads neighbourhood
So seeing it up close was a treat


Most of the Toronto Wrong Fitment Crew consists of people from the Toronto Subaru club and as such there were a lot of Subaru guys holdin it down.

Nothin but love for turbo sedans
The lone Legacy wagon among a sea of WRXs and STIs
He had a few creative touches to help him stand out though
The sky was awesome for photos on Saturday
No matter how many times I see it this color scheme never gets old
Sittin on Gramlights this Subaru had a lot of mods inside and out
Chris, from notsostock.com brought out his STI
I am a little jealous of how nice his stickers look
From the second I saw this STI I was drawn in by how bad ass it looked
Flushed on Rota Grids
Shot of the fitment from the rear
Nice flushed out STI
The illest one
Wrong Fitment Crew member #416
I know it's a little lost in this picture but that cf diffuser is there and it's low
Flushed STI's roll together

That’s it, that’s all, if I took some pictures of your car and you want high res hit me up via the comments or email. See you at the next one.


  1. @LNT Why not all of these cars were slammed with aggressive fitment they all stood out to me in one way or another

    @kevin I don’t have a flickr yet but when I set one up I will be sure to let you know.

  2. lovin the scooby with booty and that pasat is just clean and thats just for starters and nice to see some cars that are uber grass roots and obviusly see proper use ,super money bling boxes are ok but thay have no soul

  3. Like the coverage Dave!

    My LS400 buddies were repping hard!

    Glad to see a shot of my benz in the backround of my buddies Green LS on AIR… 🙂

    Keep up the good work!


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