Theme Tuesdays: Cars with Mouths – 2


When I did the first ‘Cars With Mouths’ Theme Tuesday in 2011 I never imagined it would be so well received, nor did I think that it would lead to a part two, but a year later here we are.

Plenty of military (Warthog/Tigershark) inspired examples in this post as well as a few more creative examples.

This B4 showed up on a couple different wheels but the mouth has retained constant
A6 from Estonia more of teeth than a mouth I guess..
It’s weird to see something so wild on car where the rest is so subdued
Found this on a random Japan based blog
E46 rocking a painters tape smile
These cars look so angry anyway the mouth is kind of fitting
May in fact be the Del Sol from the first one…
This car took the military theme a tad farther than just the war hawk teeth
Interesting fog placement
This has popped up in a bunch of H20 coverage
Another from h20
ChopShop’s Dark Shark from a few years ago with the black on black teeth
Saw this at the Toronto Subaru Club Hypermeeting
Dope drift 300ZX
You can read more on this car at

Wonder if I’ll be able to squeeze a third round out of this theme…

Just so I don’t get told I forgot Rusty… Theme Tuesday just for this car here

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