Event Coverage: Toronto Subaru Club Hypermeeting 2012


When I heard the 2012 Toronto Subaru Club was hosting their annual HyperMeeting the day after Importfest I wasn’t entirely sure I would end up to attending because historically in addition to not having much of a voice, and full capture cards I’ve generally been exhausted the day after IF.

However the last Hypermeeting I had been to was in 2009 and this year my friend and previous featured ride owner Tim Neil let me know he was bringing out his Bat-Berry project so I sucked it up and headed down to Subaru Canada Headquarters.

Hit and run was the original plan but that went out the window as soon as I rounded the corner and saw the turnout. From what I’ve read online the turnout was at least 400 cars and the TSC ended up raising about $8000 for Toronto’s Ronald McDonald House which was matched by Subaru Canada.

Plus there was a BBQ, all those things amount to a pretty damn good day close to home.

I’ve seen this car around Mississauga a couple times, it’s awesome
Gill scraping his was along
I’ve always really liked these Forresters
Ty’s newest daily, you might remember his White STI which he sold
The owner of this car used to own Ty’s car and they are modified nearly identical
I didn’t get an exterior shot of this one….
One of several cars on XXRs which have really exploded this year
Dat RS
Last saw this car from Innovative trying to set a record in Grand Bend
No word of a lie I am pretty sure my first bike was exactly like that
This car ended up winning best wheels, Zaubers that were powdercoated by JP at Stripping Technologies
Not a common colour that’s for sure
When John took a picture of this at CSCS I had no idea the colour continued under the hood
Blindingly bright (and hard to expose)
Speaking of bright… here’s John Wakely’s WRX
Another bright addition promoting the Autofest Car show
Focal Point Concepts in the area
Olive drab, not a bad look
I’ll take the one on the right
The owner of this car obviously has a bit of a CF fetish
First set of local checker wheels i have seen since the ChopShop ones from a few years ago
Scared of Heights Support Group
Draggin flap on Rotiform NUE’s
This car looks incredibly angry
Really regret not taking a closer look at this Hawk Eye from Can Jam Motorsports
Kevin’s Varis Widebody
I wonder if there is a (rich) person out there who owns all the TE variants…
Love this car front to back
Level one
The first debuting of the Bat Berry and somehow I only took two pictures of it
Still a lot of work left but he admits to being able to see the light at the end of the tunnel
JDM clipped tegg
I completely missed this FR-S at Importfest…
Exhaust tips are a little big but I like the car overall
Soon after this shot they took off to do their own photo shoot
After some investigation these wheels are infact not Mina’s
Driven S2000
Ryan’s car fresh off the Importfest floor
The same of which could be said for my own car
Chris builds clean cars and clearly still loves Subarus
I am honestly unsure whether or not I had seen a GT4 in person prior to HyperMeeting
I certainly have never seen two in one place before
I guess they would have these would have been direct competitors with Subaru?
Would have loved to peak under the hood of either of these

I’ve got a couple more photos to edit that might make their way to the fanpage or instagram over the next few weeks.


  1. Would love more info on that forrester! I’ve never seen a forrester with a front end like that.
    If you have any extra model info could you email me please.

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