Event Coverage: CSCS Beach Burnout 2012 Pt. 1


My girlfriend grew up in a small town near London called Dorchester and would spend many a weekend at the Grand Bend Motorplex, her fond memories of the venue had me looking forward to going for the first time at last Sundays ‘Beach Burnout’ event hosted by CSCS.

While like all CSCS events (when it doesn’t rain) it was a good time I think the turnout was definitely hindered by the fact that Grand Bend is quite a ways from the city, which is a shame because Grand Bend is a great race facility with reportedly one of the fasted quarter miles around and has food far superior to Cayuga.

Show and Shine wise many of the people who opted to stay home, or attend a closer show like the Niagara Truck and Tuner Expo covered yesterday, were replaced by owners of cars I had personally never seen before.

I was wondering what became of last years Top Tuner Cars
I am sure there is some stipulation that they can’t ever be plated so I wouldn’t be surprised if it just vanishes in a year
Marble paint is slowly but surely starting to cross the border…
Speaking of new things in the scene, I have now seen 3 modified Rukuses this year which is 3 more than last years 0
That’s what happens when you get into an accident with a Drag wheel I guess
Clean row of DC’s
Focal Point Concepts on hand
180 on VSX wheels
The brushed aluminum finish almost makes it look like barrels as lips
Skyline I don’t believe I have seen before
TSX  using basically the same color pallet as the car above
The owner of this RX-8 seemed pretty stoked I was taking a photo of it
RX-7 on bright blue Rays G-Games, not a wheel I see a whole lot of these days
This car seems to bounce back and forth between AMF and Ertefa booths
Loved this. Reminded me a lot of this Civic in terms of period correct and cleanliness
Really well maintained, cars like this make me think I should clean my bay more than never.

Once the track festivities started to wind down I decided to head through the pits and take a closer look at some of the cars that were tearing up the road course, drift track, and 1/4 mile. A lot of these cars were ones that I have seen at every round of CSCS proving that racers and drifters are a little bit more willing to travel far distances than the show and shine crowd.

The emblem and what I can see behind the grill makes me wonder what’s going on under the hood of this Crossfire another swapped one perhaps?
I seemed to somehow miss every single one of this cars runs
Looks like it means business though
JDM Rides splash page Type R
Got a few shots of this out on the track, fast car
Plated ‘Slowbaru’ this car  was going for a world record (not sure which), the run I saw it did 10.26 at 137mph
Great to see this car at back to back events, now if only I could get a good photo of it running
This e46 just looks right
Think I might have a photo of it on the track for part 2 as well
This car laughs at your Carbon Fiber splitter, “it’s the wood that makes it good”
More accustomed to seeing 240s on the drift course than the road course
Grip for days
Hella Functional
Ken Wagan’s Stage Four Rx7
No LS here
Seems to change every year
Chris was able to get his e30 back together again to compete
Riley on the other hand ran into some fuel delivery problems that kept him sidelined after the finals
He had his bed off and a lot of you were asking about his rear setup so here’s a pic, it’s no longer on leafs
His motor setup
Close today out with the party truck

Part 2 should be up either tomorrow or Saturday, and will consist of entirely track coverage.


  1. Just to let you know, the Crossfire always came with an old Mercedes lump, as it was made when Merc and the Chrysler-Daimler Corp. were close. So it’s probably not swapped, just the owner wanted to make note of the link and up his car’s ‘status’ at the same time, much like the Japanese guys do badging Nissans as Infinitis and so on…

    • I’m aware (though I was previously unaware) that they came with Merc lump but the one I linked to in the caption actually had a different Benz mill. 🙂

  2. Man, I’ve seen a gaggle of really sweet GC Subarus in the last week, making me regret selling mine… Looks like a fun event.

    You also mislabeled the white E46 as a E36.

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