Event Coverage: CSCS Beach Burnout 2012 Pt. 2


Back with the second and final part of the Coverage from CSCS Beach Burnout at Grand Bend, which is exclusively track activity.

You’ll probably notice straight off that bat that there are no drag shots in today’s post, that’s because most of the vehicles I saw on the strip were pretty well stock and didn’t make for the most exciting photos.

Some more serious machines were running earlier in the but by the time I made my way over they were half way back on the trailer, I know some of you would love to see more drag coverage on the site I promise to grab a few more shots August 19th back at Cayuga.

On the flip side the road and drift courses were busy all day and because both events could be run at the same time it gave participants tons of track time which I’m sure they all appreciated

Road course up first…

Of all the cars I shoot on the track EK’s can be consistently counted on to get on three wheels
Z braking hard before the turn above
Not that I do not mind this but the moving box should prep a moving truck (or van), that would be wild…
Nice to see this MKI out on the track tearing it up with the more modern vehicles
This Stage Four Celica got fourth in super front wheel drive
As mentioned in part one here’s a shot of Touge Tuning’s Subaru out on the track
I posted this shot of Ken Wagan’s FD on the fanpage about a week ago…
I always end up taking a lot of shots of his FD
One of the few shots of this corner that turned out

Grand Bend Drifting was a great change of pace from Cayuga (from a spectators point of view) because while most of the drivers have the Cayuga course pretty dialed you could tell it took a few drivers a little bit longer to adapt to the Grand Bend course which made things more interesting to watch.

I missed qualifiers, but managed to get a shot of Riley between practice and top 16 before his fuel pump took a shit
Brad Paauw was competing in yesterdays DMCC event
A little show boating during practice keeps things fun
Faceless wonder on initiation
That nasty looking Silvia I uploaded a few days ago
No face because drift car
Can’t say I’ve seen this car out before but he was fairly consistent throughout the event
Consistent drivers are the easiest to take photos of
Last one
Chris was running pretty well also especially when you consider he had a few sleepless nights rebuilding his car from the last time
He said something on twitter (@IknowCDLC) about the passenger door being the only dent free panel left on his car
His hoods probably in pretty good shape too actually
Anthony was running really well, never seems to have problems adapting to new courses
Marin and Anthony had some of the best battles of the day
Both followed each others lines very well, but Marin ended up taking it
And going on to take the win
Paauw Brad Layin’ down some rubber during the demo
Tiresmart car showing the benefits of a tire sponsor
Until next year

The next CSCS event is July 15th at Mosport Raceway.


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