Guest Coverage: Nine 0 Five Rides Truck & Tuner Expo 2012


The inability to be in more than one place at a time is starting to become a problem, I had a great time at last years Truck And Tuner Expo and would have liked to attend again this year but I had never been to Grand Bend prior to Sunday so I ended up there instead.

However the Nine O Five guys have always been very supportive of the site so there was absolutely no way I was going to let the show go by without some guest coverage.

As luck would have it my friend Jon O was close enough to Niagara to head out for a couple of hours, he told me he enjoyed the show and was treated great the entire time he was there.

It also looks like a lot of the truck guys who I don’t see all that often were there so next year I will plan to do a better job of clearing my schedule.

Matt aka MsequencE  and the owner of this previously featured s2000 (which is now a different color) holding it down on the ones & twos
Some of the TNT crew and their lowered shopping cart
Khaos models with said kart
A certain someone made sure all the models posed for Jon, I don’t even get that treatment!
About time model coverage made it’s way back to the site though…
I do not want a motorcycle. I do not want a motorcycle. I do not want a motorcycle. I do not want a motorcycle.


DJ Matt’s daily driver which as far as I know is running prototype Neo Motorsport coils
Wide body Tib on the increasingly popular DAI Candy wheels
GTS coupe, probably my personal favorite model viper
The ‘Evil’ Fiat still rocking tons of poke
S2K with what looks to be a J’s inspired bumper
Club Racer s2000
On point 300zx
Nice looking FD
And not too far from the car above was Adam’s Scion, which is probably one of the cleanest in the area
This is the inside of a Mazda AZ-1
Simple yet effective RSX
Speaking of RSXs it seems like the local population of fitted ones has gone up significantly since last year
Strip ready fox
This time last year Zach’s Soarer was bagged, not it is back to static and looking great
XXR’d e46
Nice MkV
The last time I saw this Benz was at Vagkraft in 09
Jon spoke with the owner, sounds like he might be thinking of selling
Alright eagle eyes, what’s this?


The site’s been batting 100 with the truck content lately and Jon is just keeping a good thing going.

Juiced! Also I would be interested in more info about the truck to the left of this one
Bronco O Bama to the right
Dumped stepside
Great to see trucks that were out last return
The Tiki truck
Looks to be tucking lug, or damn close
This Ranger als appears to be very close to tucking lugs.

Congrats to Nine O Five Rides for another successful event and thanks to Jon for doing some guest coverage.

Jon has actually agreed to shoot more events west of the city so he’s been added to the contributors page along with Mike McConnell out in Calgary.


  1. Thanks for the great coverage! Sorry my S2000CR doesnt look low enough to be covered but I assure you its due to the slant on the hill haha

    I almost won the limbo contest for cars 🙂


  2. Looks like a bunch of the low class guys made it out.
    That pink ford you want info on looks likes Matt’s truck but bagged now. Speak to the Tiki owner because if it is Matt’s ford or was his, they’ll have details on it.

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