Event Coverage: Scarborough Scion FR-S Launch


Two Saturdays ago Scarborough Scion (aka the dealership trusting enough to let me test drive an FR-S at Stretch & Poke) had a launch party for the ‘Toybaru” inviting Toyota/Scion owners and their friends to come out for good times and good (free) food.

The show & shine turnout wasn’t crazy but the amount of people who wanted to drive the new Scion was, the cars were out being test driven the entire night by those eager to see what all the hype was about.

Since the coverage isn’t huge I am just going to get right into it.

This was crazy… I think it had around 30 thousand miles and was virtually spotless
This guy really made me look bad for showing up with a dirty car
This couldn’t be the original battery… could it?
Interior hardly looks used
Pair of clean early Yotas
This is a good look (stock height aside), sent it over to Jay at JDM EGO to tempt him a little bit since he just picked one up
TC with green wheels that had a bit of flake to them
CF under hood
At least at this show a car didn’t air out right beside me
Directly across from the cars above
SK rolled out and laid out

Speaking about SK Performance about midway thought I was talking to Sharad about how crappy my headlights look and that I should get off my lazy ass and use my restoration kits I have and he brought over some of his tools and gave them a quick once over to make them look a little better.

After…. it’s started to come back so I think I am going to use the kit then get them clear bra’d but at least I know it is fixable

Anyway back to the show, Ultra Auto Sound brought out their Scion demo cars which kind of make me miss having a system a little bit.

I do not miss people stealing said system however.

This took home best Scion, I don’t have any exterior shots though…
All of these cars were playing the same song at the same time so it was hard to tell which was the loudest but I have reason to believe this was pretty loud
TC called Orange Juice full of Focal components
This exhaust on this car is absurdly loud!
The wheels were put on this car minutes before the event, some fine tuning yet to be done but should look alright
VSx’d Is250
This car took home the trophy for best ‘other’
The hand painted art work in the bay was an interesting touch, kept under the hood was a good choice because it could easily be something taken overboard
Nice build

Scion and Scarborough Scion are doing a great job of catering to us enthusiasts and they actually hooked me up with a whole bunch of stuff to give away which I will be making an announcement about very soon.


  1. I think not many showed up because the events and usually scion meets are very poorly advertised. I would have come if I had known about this event. 🙂

  2. Say what? It seems to me like every Scion dealer has had a launch party. Surely if even I have heard about it, then everyone else has too?

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