Theme Tuesdays: Flush Trucks/Drift Trucks


It used to be that modified trucks did a few things; went up and off road, down and layed sparks, or dropped and down the strip. Lately however people seem to be experimenting with wider wheel and tire setups in addition to sending them around road courses.

Based on the demand and love for Oliver’s truck on the fanpage and positive reception of Riley’s drifting Nissan Hardbody it’s safe to say a lot of you are into trucks outside of the norm just as much I am which is cool because I love low trucks of any variety.

Today’s Theme Tuesday is made up of drift trucks and trucks that take styling cues from the ‘flush’ scene,  similar but slightly different than the previous JDM Minitruck Theme Tuesday in 2009.

Most of the trucks sliding seem to be imports, I’m guessing because of motor options and weight
This one was pretty popular a few years back not sure if it is still kicking ass
…and he can still carry a roofing ladder
Imagine campers became to truckers what bike racks are to car guys? That would be a little weird.
Speaking of racks I would love to see this truck without one
More truck rack
Lots of dope trucks out in Hawaii
Philippines holdin’ it down
Is it wrong to like both of these?
Heavy on the stretch
Fat and flush
Another Hawaii truck, not sure which 6 lug wheels those are
I’ve seen this kicking around on the SW forums for awhile
Another SW poster
From the front
Interesting to see rear camber on a 4 door Blaze
Damn, I gotta look up more on this truck
Extreme on BBS wheels, if I recall correctly e36 bolt pattern and S10s is just a few mm off
Simple, clean
another look
This is so sick, though I feel the lip is unnecessary
Boosted Canadian Ranger with bed sides that were flared out with a bottle jack and then re welded
Not going to lie I kinda want one of these now
Of course I had to throw a shot of Riley’s truck in here, more later this week
And by popular demand Oliver truck
Roller via

Should have some event coverage up later today.


  1. Nice trucks! Makes me miss my old Ranger; stretched tires, negative camber, and it was low. It was fun to drive but now I have an ’87 Toyota on air ride.

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